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The Holstar Tailgate Gadget Review

Posted by Peter On September - 29 - 2012

The Holstar is a type of product that I have seen on websites before but never have been able to experience for myself. One of the first things I noticed that I liked was that these Holstar’s are made with a quality material. They’re not a cheap plastic or velcro product. Rather, they are made with high quality leather that looks and feels sturdy. One Holstar comes with a metal piece that allows you to slip it onto your belt and another comes with a piece that has a snap on button so both were nice features.

I like that you can have your own team name or a logo customized onto the Holstar as it adds a personal touch. The material is flexible enough to allow you to gain access to a cold drink in a can or glass. I did struggle more when I tried to use a water bottle in there however.

A downside to the product for me was that it seems to be tailored for someone in the Southwest or someone who considers themselves “country” or a “Cowboy”. Not the greatest fit for a tailgater from New Jersey, but that isn’t really their target audience to begin with.

Overall I enjoyed the product and think it could really thrive in a country or Western type tailgate setting. The price is nice considering the quality and effort that the product is made with and it sits so comfortably on your waist that if the Holstar is empty you forget it is there.

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One Response to “The Holstar Tailgate Gadget Review”

  1. Dylan says:

    Thanks for the review! I just wanted to let everyone know that although the Holstar was originally designed to hold 12oz aluminum cans and bottles, we have designs for a Holstar that comfortably and securely holds a larger (20oz-, 1-liter, or pint-sized) bottle coming in the future.

    Also, despite the look of the Holstar being made of leather and having a seemingly cowboy or western look, we have many fans and customers from countries all over the world as well as numerous “yanks” and “west coasters” who enjoy tailgating more with a Holstar by their side.

    To the readers of tailgatingideas, we’d like to offer a Free Shipping coupon code “TI2012” usable at theholstar.com.

    Happy Tailgating!





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