The Giving Fans

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I can’t be the only one out there that pretends not to see the candy or cookie brochure that a parent left on the break room table at work.  I can’t be the only one out there that will go down a back road just to avoid a local high-school car wash.

I don’t consider myself the Grinch or not a giving person.  I volunteer a few times a month at the local boys and girls club.  Hell, I didn’t even go nuts last week when my wife answered the front door during dinner and donated 50 bucks to a teenager trying to save the environment.

I guess I just don’t like to be bothered with constant requests for my extra money (a.k.a. beer money).  This is true unless you catch me in the lot during a tailgate.  Like so many others I instantly become as giving as the ultimate beer belly man Kris Kringle.

This past Friday night at the Phillies game I donated money to 3 separate causes in a span of 2 hours…a local baseball team, some cause to help the blind, and a group collecting for leukemia research.  And by looks of the jars and buckets I wasn’t the only fan to show his/her generosity that evening.

Though some people may find collections during a tailgate annoying I think the idea is brilliant.  You have a large audience in a space that is easy to navigate.  There is no ringing doorbells, no spending hours outside the local market begging customers as they exit the store, and there is no having to explain the ins and outs of your cause.

In the parking lot you just walk up to a fan, sometimes say less than 5 words, and the fan is then reaching into their wallet, pocket, or purse.  It’s the perfect environment to raise money for your favorite cause or kid’s team.

Tailgaters are already in a good mood.  The majority of fans are already feeling the pregame buzz.  Others just don’t want to seem cheap in front of friends or a woman they are trying to impress.  All factors which lead to loose wallets.

And since my buddies and I were in good spirits from having the day off we even raised the stakes for two of the collectors (both groups of kids).  We gave the kids a time limit of one hour.  After the hour they were to report back to us with a tally of their earnings.  For the group with the most money my buddies and I bought each of the 3 kids Phillies t-shirts from the parking lot t-shirt guy (hey you gotta support the local economy!).

So if you are in need of some extra money for a valuable cause I say hit up the lot of a sporting or concert event.  My only suggestion is to not arrive too early for your collections.  Allow some time for some pregaming and for those wallets to loosen up.

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