The Cast Iron Skillet

If you are like most Americans, chances are you probably have a cast iron skillet lying around your house somewhere. Some of you probably have one that has been in your family for generations. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be very happy to know that you have one of the greatest tailgating inventions of all time.

Obviously the Cast Iron Skillet wasn’t intended for tailgating since cast iron cookware has been around longer than most organized sports. Nonetheless the utility of cast iron for cooking is second to none. If you’re wondering how something so simple can be so amazing then keep reading.

Let’s consider the facts. Cast iron cookware is nearly indestructible. If you’re part of the crowd that has the family heirloom that is 80 years old you may be nervous about using it. Unless it’s cracked, warped, or rusted beyond repair, it’s fine. Another great quality is that cast iron also retains heat like a champ. Why do you think it is so coveted in grill grates? Furthermore, in addition to its durability and heat retention, properly seasoned cast iron cookware can be every bit as nonstick as more modern materials. Coincidentally they also add iron to your food which may appeal to our anemic friends.

For me, the best thing about cast iron is that I can use it right on my grill. This is a plus for two major reasons. The first is that they’re incredibly simple to use. Just put it on there when you start your grill. When the grill is hot enough, the pan is hot enough. The other is that I don’t need to bring a separate burner or stove, which means I can do more without a lot of extra equipment. If you’re like me, you know that extra space can be hard to find after you pack all your other gear.

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Just imagine the reaction of people at your tailgate party when you offer them freshly cooked peppers and onions for their sausages. How about when you top their burgers with sautéed mushrooms? Maybe you just want to fry up some bacon to feed your addiction or possibly for a killer breakfast for those morning time tailgate sessions? It could be that you just love the aroma of those things when they cook. Whatever the reason, all of this is possible if you have a cast iron skillet.

If you don’t have one, you will be thrilled to hear that you don’t need to break the bank to get one. I got mine a few months ago for around $10.00. These days value like that is hard to come by. Of course there are some things to consider before you rush out and get one. You’ll also need to buy one that is an appropriate size for your cooking surface. A 12 inch isn’t going to work for most, but there are plenty of options that will. And there’s some maintenance (seasoning) involved in keeping it up but isn’t that the case with all of your tailgating gear? If you ask me it’s just a small price to pay for a step towards a better tailgate party.

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