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Posted by Dave On May - 28 - 2013

Normally Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off to summer. How did we spend our Memorial Day? A good portion of it was spent cleaning out and reorganizing our storage locker where we warehouse a lot of the products we sell in our online tailgating gear store.

The good news (outside of the intended outcome of a more organized storage garage) was we found lots of tailgating gear that we do not use, forgot about, are slightly used or are missing something. Rather than storing these items and having to work around them until the next time we reorganize the storage locker, we thought, “why not sell the things we are not using?” Think of it as an online garage sale of tailgating gear at really cheap garage sale prices.

All of these items we only have one of them available. If you are interested in buying it, send us a message via our Contact page. Let us know which item you are interested in and name your price. No ridiculous offers will be refused.

Air Pong

Air Pong

Air Pong – This sample was sent to us years ago but was never opened and was never tested or reviewed. If memory serves us correctly, we were sent a sample of the first version of this model but soon after receiving the sample were told to not review it because the product was undergoing a redesign. The above photo is the more recent design of this brand of floating beer pong table much like the original, Port-o-Pong. The main differences in this older model is that it has a solid hard surface in the middle that was designed for bounce shots. But because we never opened the package we are unsure of the exact design so this is one might be a bit of a mystery. No matter what, it is an inflatable beer pong table and if you are interested, make us an offer. We estimate the size and weight on this item would put the shipping at around $10 to $12. Please factor the shipping estimate into your total proposed price when making an offer on this item.

Sholf new design


Sholf – This tailgating game is pretty fun and unique and the one we are willing to part with is brand new. Here’s the catch. The brand new Sholf games would typically come complete with a left handed/right handed putter. This one is missing the putter. So if you wanted a Sholf game and have your own putter or want to pick up one of your own, this could be a great deal for you. If you are unfamiliar with Sholf, read our product review from years ago and get better acquainted with it. The normal retail price on a Sholf game is around $60 just for some frame of reference. We estimate the size and weight on this item would put the shipping at around $12 to $14. Please factor the shipping estimate into your total proposed price when making an offer on this item.

My Pole-ish Horseshoes Red

My Pole-ish Horseshoes

My Pole-ish Horseshoes – This tailgating game was sent to us as a sample. We tested it out and liked it so much that we even offer it for sale brand new in our online tailgating gear store. It is a fun tailgating game and even though we enjoyed it, we do not play it very it often. The reason why we do not play it very often is because the venues we tailgate won’t allow it there. Being in Orange County, California we tailgate Angels games and Cal State Fullerton college baseball games. Both those parking lots have strict bans on alcohol consumption in the parking lots and police patrol the lots heavily and issue alcohol possession tickets frequently. Of course we still enjoy an adult beverage while tailgating those places but we need to be much more stealth and incognito about it. We also tailgate San Diego Chargers games and although open consumption of alcohol in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot is encouraged, throwing footballs, baseballs and flying discs are prohibited. That said, My Pole-ish Horseshoes is not a tailgating game that is conducive to throwing a flying disc at a beer can perched on top of the pole and rules require having a beer in one hand for the places we regularly tailgate. A very fun game but the attention it draws is just begging for a ticket. So our loss is your gain. The sample we have contains the red poles as you see in the above photo. Shipping on this item is estimated at about $14 to $16. Please factor the shipping estimate into your total proposed price when making an offer on this item.

That’s it for now. We may discover more items and edit this post to include them later. Use the Contact form to let us know which item you may be interested in. Please factor in the estimated shipping costs when making your offer.

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