Tailgating Gallery: The TailDecker

Back in August we introduced you to the TailDecker, a self-contained tailgating system that utilizes your tow hitch for transportation. We thought we would share a gallery of photos of people using their TailDecker while out tailgating in Alabama. (Click images for larger viewing)

In a nutshell the TailDecker is a complete, self-contained tailgating system that attaches to the rear of your tailgating vehicle via the 2″ tow hitch and has a complete set-up contained within. You can get more information on the TailDecker at www.taildecker.com.

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One thought to “Tailgating Gallery: The TailDecker”

  1. While the taildecker is a nice unit all in all, the platform is very heavy and bulky, requiring a very strong man to put it in your hitch or two people. The locking hitch pin is also hard to put on, but is secure once you are able to get it on. The storage chest, when filled with your TD goodies, is very heavy and requires two people to lift from the deck, otherwise you must empty it to remove it. The chest is not watertight, so if it starts raining while you are driving, the stuff in there will get wet. Overall this is good unit to have, however, it could use some tweaking to take it over the top.

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