Confiscated Airport Contraband Great For Tailgating

tsa-security.jpgDid you know that TSA security screeners confiscated more than 13 million items in U.S. airports last year? Some of the stuff taken wasn’t just finger nail clippers or Michael Vick’s phony water bottles either. So how does this information help you, the avid tailgater? It means that the government doesn’t want to hold on to the stuff and sells it off at dirt cheap prices.

As a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has cracked down big time on transporting potentially dangerous items on airplanes. When an item is confiscated it rarely is claimed by the person on the other end after they land. Normally people just buy a new one of whatever was taken away and chalk it up as a learning experience. The TSA is then left with a bunch of stuff they do not want. What do they do with it? They turn it over to state surplus property agencies which then turn around and sell it either online or at retail stores. This could be a great way to land a new cutlery set, corkscrew, pocket knife, or Leatherman. All these items are handy for tailgating but are a definite no-no to fly the friendly skies.

Below is a list of states that have surplus property agencies and some even have eBay seller ID’s.

Items confiscated from Florida and Alabama airports, including Miami, Orlando, Huntsville and Birmingham.
Where to Buy – eBay (seller ID: alstatesurplus)
More Info: Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

Items confiscated from Georgia airports including Atlanta and Savannah/Hilton Head
Where to Buy – Tucker (Atlanta Surplus Center (770) 414-6468)
Swains­boro (Swains­boro Surplus Center (478) 289-2623)
Americus (Americus Surplus Center (229) 931-2407)
More Info: Georgia Dept. of Administrative Services

Items confiscated from Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway and other smaller airports in Illinois and Michigan
Where to buy – Online auctions held at:

Items confiscated from eight various state airports, including Orlando, Miami and Louisville
Where to buy – eBay (seller ID: kysurplus)
More Info: Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet

Items confiscated from Georgia airports including Portland and Eugene.
Where to buy – eBay (seller ID: oregontrail2000)
More Info: Oregon State & Federal Surplus Property

Items confiscated from 13 airports of various neighboring states including New York JFK, Newark, Philadelphia and Cleveland.
Where to buy – eBay (seller ID: pastatesurplus)

Items confiscated from seven Texas airports including Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin
Where to buy – Austin Storefront, Austin (512) 463-1990
More Info: Texas Facilities Commission

Items confiscated from Seattle-Tacoma, Spokane and Tri-Cities airports
Where to buy – Auburn Retail Store, Auburn, (253) 333-4912
More Info: State of Washington General Administration

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