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TailgateHaven.com: The Ultimate Tailgate Planner Now Live

Posted by Dave On August - 5 - 2008

tailgate-haven.jpgFor the past few weeks I have been keeping a close eye on TailgateHaven.com. The reason why I didn’t write about that website sooner is that up until today it had been in beta testing. Now the shrink wrap is off and TailgateHaven.com is up and ready to go just in time for college and NFL tailgating season.

So what is Tailgate Haven? It is part party planner, part social network and part resource website all rolled into one. Now you and your tailgating group can plan an impromptu tailgate for this weekend or you can plan out the entire season. Whether you are a casual tailgater or the most hardcore tailgater in the lot, TailgateHaven.com will not just help you tailgate, but tailgate better. And the best part about Tailgate Haven? Registration is free and there is no cost to use this service.

Taking a look at all the bells and whistles, this site has everything to keep your tailgate party and your tailgating crew organized. Upon registration you can choose which team you tailgate the most. Of course when I registered I selected the San Diego Chargers as my team of preference. Automatically the entire regular season schedule is populated right on my own tailgating group page. I can now plug in the menu I am planning on serving for the upcoming game or I can plan the menu for the remainder of the season. You can also invite other members of your tailgating crew to join Tailgate Haven and they too can visit your group’s personalized page. You can even assign who is bringing what to the tailgate and email the list to everyone in your group. Staying in touch and informed with your entire group is now centralized and easy to find.

Staying in touch and informed with your entire group is now centralized and easy to find.

Tailgate Haven allows you to upload photos and create your own gallery of past games and tailgate parties. So instead of clogging up everyone’s email with photos from the past tailgate, simply upload them to your tailgating group’s page within Tailgate Haven and your tailgating friends can view them online any time they please.

There is even a message board on Tailgate Haven with two options. There is a forum to discuss individual game tailgate parties and those messages are only visible to those included in your group. Or you can venture out into the open forum to discuss tailgating issues with other Tailgate Haven members from across the country.  Feeling a little more social? You can invite other Tailgate Haven members to join your tailgate right through the website. Sounds like a great way to connect to other avid tailgaters and meet new tailgating friends.

I could go on and on about how cool this website is but in all honesty, you really should check it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose. Registration and membership is free and it is a great way to connect to not only your current group of tailgaters but a great way to meet new tailgating friends. Think of it as MySpace.com or FaceBook.com but the only people you will meet on there are tailgaters like you and me. Sounds like my kind of social network for sure! Make sure to check out TailgateHaven.com today.


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