TLC’s “Tailgate Takedown” Debuts Tonight

You knew it was going to happen in today’s world of reality TV. Well, TLC did it and will now debut the first two episodes of Tailgate Takedown tonight. The show’s host is none other than “the Commissioner of Tailgating”, Joe Cahn.

The premise of the show is Joe Cahn and some celebrity judges traveling around the country to a number of college football games in search of the best outdoor chef’s in the tailgating parking lots. Three teams compete against each other to prepare tailgating foods that not only taste great but have excellent presentation. The judging criteria that sets this reality cooking show apart is that the foods need to be “tailgate friendly”. That means it has to be food that the competitors can prepare in a parking lot on normal tailgating cooking apparatuses. So that means Baked Alaska is probably not going to be served for desert. Take a look at a few videos in advance of the debut.

The three teams of two are given three hours to prepare their meals that will impress the judges and also gain the respect and admiration from The Commisioner. All of the meals are prepared on traditional tailgating equipment like grills, smokers, turkey fryers, camping stoves, etc. While the contestants are preparing their food, the show captures Joe Cahn and the celebrity judges wandering the tailgating parking lots and meeting with other tailgaters and checking out their tricked out tailgating vehicles and sampling their food.

The tailgating chef that wins that particular episode gets $1,000, a ridiculously large trophy and bragging rights of being crowned the best tailgater of that particular college team. Winners of each episode will be invited back for the season finale where all the finalists will compete for the overall honor of being named America’s Best Tailgater.

I was given an exclusive sneak peek at a full length episode courtesy of the folks from TLC. The episode I watched in full was the one where Cahn and the crew head to Los Angeles for the USC/UCLA game. I won’t offer any spoilers but I will say that the team that ended up winning was the team I was rooting for.

I’ve already scheduled to record the season on my DVR and I would suggest you do the same. It’s about time they did a reality show based around tailgating.

And just for fun, here is a picture of me and Joe Cahn prior to the San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins game earlier this season.

Joe Cahn & Dave Lamm

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5 thoughts to “TLC’s “Tailgate Takedown” Debuts Tonight”

  1. I got to see the sneak preview as well and it’s awesome. Especially Joe facing off with the gorilla. Of course I have a bone to pick with the guy who ran out of gas and then blamed the grill when he tripped the OPD valve hooking up the new one. First off if you own a Freedom Grill and you are going to be on TV call us. We will get you anything you need to freshen that grill up. Second, if you’re going to be competing or even just grilling for a bunch of people start with a fresh tank of gas. And finally, always open the tank slowly with the knobs turned to “OFF” and never ever let the tank tip over. If the OPD valve does trip just unhook everything, wait 10 minutes and start over. Remember, Go Slow.

    Otherwise, it’s an awesome show. I too will be watching every episode. And I’ll see you and Joe at the Tailgate Show in Vegas in 2 weeks.

  2. I’d have to agree with you G in that the guy blamed the equipment and it was actually operator error. Maybe if he had a TankSetter he could have kept his tank upright and not tripped the OPD valve. I’ve never had an issue with my Freedom Grills so I was rather puzzled as to how this guy was having an issue. No more spoilers…. people need to watch this show and support the Commish.

  3. Does anyone know if the show is going to be aired again? I was actually in it, with the 57 Chevy. I just want to share with friends and family.

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