Tailgate Hotbags now come with lighted on/off switch

Tailgate Hotbag cord and switchEffective immediately, all Tailgate Hotbags will now come equipped with a lighted on/off switch on the power cord. This switch allows the bag to remain plugged in, but the power can be turned off when the bag does not need to be heated. This feature will also prevent battery drain when the vehicle is off. The green light on the plug in indicates that the power is on and going to the bag. All Electric Tailgate Hotbags will come with the new power switch cord as standard equipment.

Using the Electric Tailgate Hotbag, tailgate chefs can now serve hot gourmet meal right in the parking lot. Tailgate Hotbags keep home cooked food oven-hot from the time it leaves the oven until it’s served, even if the tailgate party is hours away. The Electric Tailgate Hotbag plugs into any 12v outlet and heats to 165-170 degrees to keep food hot and safe from the time it leaves the oven until it’s ready serve.

All Electric Tailgate Hotbags have two thermostat controlled heating elements for even, consistent heat. The bags are made of tough 1000 Denier nylon and are insulated to keep the heat in and the outside of the bag cool. The supplied six foot on/off power cord simply plugs into any 12v outlet or use the optional AC adapter to heat the bag indefinitely.

Electric Tailgate Hotbags comes in three sizes to suit any tailgate party. The Side Pocket Electric Tailgate Hotbag is perfect for football tailgaters. It has a rigid bottom for heavy pots or dishes, a shoulder carrying strap, handles and pockets around the outside for napkins, condiments or beverages. The Side-Loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag comes in a 17″ x 18″ x 5″ standard side and a large 17″ x 19″ x 12″ size for big parties. The standard size bag is perfect for flat dishes like wings and casseroles while the large size is best holding things that can be stacked, but need to be kept hot, like sandwiches and pizzas.

To learn more about the Electric Tailgate Hotbag or to order one for yourself, click HERE.

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