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Posted by Dave On October - 19 - 2010

Tailgate Camp LogoYou may recall that during the spring we introduced you to Tailgate Wiki, an online resource full of user generated information on stadiums and parking lots across the country. Tailgate Wiki is designed to inform those tailgaters of the ins and outs of tailgating at that particular location all with information updates generated by the tailgaters from that area. With the launch of Tailgate Wiki comes another cool tailgating resource called Tailgate Camp.

Based on the same format and structure as Tailgate Wiki, Tailgate Camp is not about stadiums and parking lots but rather the tailgaters themselves. When using Tailgate Camp (which is free by the way) tailgaters can create their own tailgating group profile, add photos, publicize tailgating menus, set up a rally/meeting spot and even disclose to others what to expect if they should encounter your tailgating group. And Tailgate Camp is not just for those tailgaters who tailgate with a large group. Tailgate Camp is open to all kinds of tailgaters from 100+ member alumni groups all the way down to a husband and wife team who likes to tailgate by themselves. In addition to all of that, Tailgate Camp gives your tailgating group its own, easy to remember sub-domain for ease of sharing with others. Take a look at the RU Faithful group, a tailgating group supporting the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, to get an idea of a well populated Tailgate Camp team page.

To get your own tailgating team profile page at Tailgate Camp all you need to do is create a user name and password and you are ready to go. Once you are registered you can create your tailgating crew’s page, add photos, etc. It’s your own custom tailgating team’s page. The power of Tailgate Camp comes from it’s easy-to-use interface allowing non-technical folks to manage their own tailgating group page.

To get started, visit: tailgatecamp.com

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