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Tailgate Beer In Cans

Posted by Dave On January - 18 - 2011

Over a year ago our designated beer review, Mike “the Beer Guy”, did a review on Jay’s Blacktop Blonde. That particular beer was the latest brew to come out of San Diego based craft brewery TailGate Beer. Blacktop Blonde received a good review from us here at TailgatingIdeas.com but as with most craft brews, they do not lend themselves very well to a tailgating parking lot that bans glass bottles. I personally received word earlier today from Wesley Keegan, the owner of TailGate Beer, that they are now offering Blacktop Blonde in a can.

TailGate Beer In a can

This news is huge because given the vast number of craft breweries in San Diego, Calif., TailGate Beer is the first craft brewery to offer their beer in a can. It just goes to show you that TailGate Beer really does understand the desires of tailgaters to have a quality beer without the potential hassle of a glass bottle.

If you happen to tailgate at a stadium that bans glass bottles, much like Qualcomm Stadium does, normally you have to shield yourself with a car door or the lift gate of your SUV and pour your craft beer out of the bottle and into a red cup. That’s a pain in the ass and you still have to find a way to dispose of the glass bottle so the police do not issue you a ticket. That is why many tailgaters opt to go with some Macro Brew in a can just because of the convenience factor. With this latest announcement from TailGate Beer, making that undesirable decision is a thing of the past.

TailGate Beer expects the first shipment of 12-ounce cans of Blacktop Blonde to arrive in San Diego and be available to tailgaters by the end of January. Distribution plans include an initial focus on the west coast and the Midwest. In March 2011, TailGate Beer expects to release their gold medal winning Hefeweizen in a can. Keep an eye out for TailGate Beer coming to a retailer near you. And if you do spot a six-pack at your favorite store, make sure to pick some up. Not only will you be drinking a quality beer but you’ll also be supporting a business that helps promote tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle.

For more information regarding TailGate Beer and to locate a retailer, visit: TailGateBeer.com.

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One Response to “Tailgate Beer In Cans”

  1. Texan Steve says:

    I would like to haev some of this beer for our Houston Texans tailgator





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