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We told you the other day that Bud Light was going after the tailgating market by introducing Fan Cans. Now I am seeing commercials and even a dedicated website to selling goofy “Tailgate Approved” merchandise. Take a look at the latest commercials with “Jimmy Football”.

In addition to the items featured in those videos, I am still not sure if items like the Grooler (a folding grill/cooler), the Natural Fake Grass Can Coozie or the 3-in-1 Condiment Gun are for real or fake. I am not about to put in my credit card just to find out if these are bogus or someone actually invented these things. Either way, you have to hand it to Bud Light for understanding and going after the tailgating demographic.

Visit TailgateApproved.com to play the Grooler game, view all 27 versions of the Fan Cans or have them pick your next team’s name with the Fantasy Football Name Generator. (Must be 21 to enter site or be able to figure out math well enough to know the birthday of someone that is 21.)

Editor’s Note: Since publishing this post I have noticed quite a few visits resulting since the start of football season. (Must be from all the TV commercials Bud Light has been airing on college and NFL football games.) Many of you visiting are looking for more information on The Grooler. We don’t sell them so if you were planning on emailing and asking about them, sorry but we don’t have them. But if you are looking for a customized tailgating grill, look no further.

Since I customized a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill last week, I have received a number of inquiries regarding the potential of customizing more tailgating grills for other people. If you are interested and would like one customized for you, we can do a number of NCAA teams, Nascar drivers as well as all 32 NFL teams. The custom tailgating grills will look similar to the one you see below only with your team’s logo and color scheme.


Custom NFL Tailgating Grill

All of these custom tailgating grills are originally a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill that comes with the patented swing arm and rides on the outside of your car to and from the game. You choose the exact color scheme you prefer to fit your team colors. Since these are custom ordered to your exact specifications prices will vary.

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10 Responses to “Bud Light Rolls Out “Tailgate Approved” Marketing Campaign”

  1. Drinkspiller says:

    All of the products are really for sale. One 3-in-1 condiment gun will be put up for auction in a few weeks.

  2. bud light grooler | Latest News | Hot News | Recent News says:

    […] Bud Light Rolls Out “Tailgate Approved” Marketing Campaign … […]

  3. Ronda says:

    I have an invention that is the perfect cooler for tailgating. You need to hear about it. Please contact me you will love it!!!!! Right up you alley!!!!!!


  4. C.F.Sylvan says:

    You can only purchase the products if you
    are willing to install the latest version of flash. no thanks.

  5. Margaritaville Tailgate Grill!! Awesome!!! - Tundra Geeks :: The Toyota Tundra Enthusiast Forum says:

    […] I am not sure which one I like better, that one or the Brooler. Bud Light Rolls Out “Tailgate Approved” Marketing Campaign — Tailgating Ideas That actually has that grill in the page too __________________ 2008 Toyota Tundra WHITE […]

  6. Bryan Bechtol says:

    I have a great new product that would be great foryour tailgate coneept and everyone would and can get one.

  7. Bryan Bechtol says:

    I have patent pending on my design of the glovescot. You can repersent your team and use your fingers and hold your budlight at the same time. Lets do this (251) 602-8398 for more info.

  8. Deandre says:

    the 3-in-1 Condiment gun is good. If you re-create it and sell it before cristmas, I have a gift for my friends

  9. cliff says:

    Bud Light finally rolled out a quality program – Bud Light Fantasy…www.budlightfantasy.com – Fantasy Football never looked so good!





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