Washington Redskins

  • Video: Fred Smoot Tailgating MNF

    As a former football player myself, I know how hard it was to want to tailgate before the game but not be able to tailgate. Now that the former Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings defensive back Fred Smoot is out of football, he has plenty of time to tailgate.

  • Redskins Grill

    They always say better late than never. That is the case with this Washington Redskins custom tailgating grill. We customized this grill for a ‘Skins fan who lives in Maryland about two weeks ago and it has already been shipped and received by him. He tried it out a day or two prior to taking… Read more »

  • Call To Action: Help Redskins Tailgaters Save Tailgating

    Image by mtbrider21 via Flickr You are probably reading that headline and thinking to yourself, “I am not a Redskins fan and don’t tailgate at FedEx Field. Why should I care?” You should care because you yourself are a tailgater and should be fearful your local stadium or team will start taking away your tailgating… Read more »

  • Rising Ticket Costs Hitting Tailgaters Hard

    Image via Wikipedia I’m no economist but in a severe recession (which we are in, don’t kid yourself) where the federal government is bailing out banks and Detroit, you would think other industries would give Joe Six Pack a break. (all apologies to Sarah Palin for that one.)  Apparently not. It seems that pro and… Read more »

  • Video: Dead Tree Crew Documentary

    By now you are probably familiar with the Dead Tree Crew, the hard partying, rabid fans of the Washington Redskins. They had a film crew come out for the first tailgate of the 2008 season and put it up on YouTube. It’s a new season and new NFL code of conduct but the DTC still… Read more »