washers tailgate game

  • GoPong Washer Toss

    A week ago we told you that GoPong was branching out from making just beer pong tables with the introduction of the GoPong Ladder Toss game. No longer focused on just beer pong, GoPong is now bringing their brand of high quality games to the tossing games and lawn games space at affordable prices. They… Read more »

  • Video: Portuguese Horseshoes

    Anyone ever played Portuguese Horseshoes while tailgating? I’ve heard of Polish Horseshoes and even Ladder Golf being called “Redneck Horseshoes” but I’ve never heard of Portuguese Horseshoes. This video is from 2008 but this is the first I have seen it. From the looks of the video it appears to be a single hole washer… Read more »

  • Willy Washers

    Tailgating games are as much of a part of tailgating as are grills and the food you serve. Washers is an extremely popular tailgating game but there are some hazards to playing washers while tailgating. Retrieving errantly thrown washers or just the constant bending over and picking up the washers that did land in game… Read more »