• Video: Giants Fan Doing the Kick Worm

    I’ll bet you woke up this morning asking yourself, “When am I ever going to encounter a fat guy wearing a shirt that’s way too tight doing the kick worm dance in a dirty, nasty tailgating parking lot?’. Luckily for you, today is that day.

  • Video: The In-Car Super Bowl Tailgate

    There has been so much news surrounding this year’s Super Bowl Tailgating Ban that quite honestly, we have not even touched the issue. We tackled this issue back in 2008 but apparently the “mainstream” media are just now picking up on this and are now outraged. Maybe it is because the Super Bowl is in… Read more »

  • Video: College Football Poon Fight

    Tonight is the kick-off to the entire 2009 college football season. Nine games are on the docket and that means tailgating season is officially underway. To help you celebrate this glorious time of year are two Pac-10 pooners having a little tussle in the stands as they jockey for position for the ESPN cameras. Not… Read more »