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  • Rising Ticket Costs Hitting Tailgaters Hard

    Image via Wikipedia I’m no economist but in a severe recession (which we are in, don’t kid yourself) where the federal government is bailing out banks and Detroit, you would think other industries would give Joe Six Pack a break. (all apologies to Sarah Palin for that one.)  Apparently not. It seems that pro and… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #39: BCS Mess Edition

    After watching Oklahoma take Texas Tech to the woodshed this evening one thing became crystal clear to me. The BCS sucks donkey balls and we need a play-off in college football. The fact that either Texas Tech, Oklahoma or Texas will be left out of a BCS game is ridiculous. But the way the current… Read more »

  • Video: Cheerleader of the Week Holly Roche (Texas)

    I am not sure who is behind GameDay Rivals but they sure have shown their mettle when it comes to choosing hot cheerleaders. This week’s selection for Cheerleader of the Week: Holly Roche of the University of Texas. She sure is a better representation of Longhorn Nation than this guy.

  • Weekend Wrap #27: Time For Some Serious Tailgating

    This weekend marked the official opening of tailgating season. Although you can tailgate year round depending on your part of the country and the weather, we all know that football season is the official start of tailgating season. College football officially started yesterday and the NFL season kicks off next weekend. For me, the football… Read more »