University of Miami

  • The “U” tailgating grill

    Way back in 2010 one of our readers submitted photos of his own customized Miami Tailgating Grill. Well, he is back with some updated photos because he upgraded his previously customized grill to a new color scheme. Despite Margaritaville discontinuing the manufacture of these grills, many tailgaters are either updating or choosing to take their… Read more »

  • Miami Tailgating Grill

    It seems as though the closer we get to football season, (Thursday, September 2nd for college football to start and Thursday, September 9th for the NFL) the more and more photos I am getting emailed to me by tailgaters who have customized their own Margaritaville Tailgating Grill. The most recent customized tailgating grill comes from… Read more »

  • Mary’s Guide to Off-Season Tailgate Prep

    My tailgating philosophy is derived from my belief that guides most super fans… If you love them enough, they will win. When it comes to tailgating, my view is… if you throw the best tailgate EVER, they will win. See 2009 Miami vs. Florida State in Tallahassee. Forston didn’t drop that pass on his own…. Read more »

  • Video – Massive Game of Flip Cup Needs 4 Tables

    This video really demonstrates that no matter what team is your team, nothing brings people together like a friendly tailgating game. Here a few Univ. of Central Florida fans take on the fans from Univ. of Miami in a massive game of flip cup requiring four tables.