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Weekend Wrap-Up #91: Sexy Super Bowl Commercials Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 1 - 2010

The Super Bowl is a week away and that means just a few things. 1) Thanks to the NFL, no one will be tailgating before the Super Bowl at land Shark Stadium next Sunday. 2) If you go to a friend’s house, you’re likely to run into some annoying people at a Super Bowl Party. 3) No matter how good or bad the game turns out to be, Madison Avenue will roll out it best commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. So in honor of that, here is a YouTube video where you can select any of the top nine sexiest Super Bowl ads over the last few years. Each video you click from inside the video will open up the video on YouTube. Once you are all done watching that one (or all nine you freaking perv) come back and check out this weeks hot links of news going on in the world of tailgating and other stuff you’ll find interesting.

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• LSU is teaching students how to be more creative at tailgating — as part of a class
• The Healing Powers of SEC Poon
• 15 Greatest Super Bowl Grocery Pop Art/Beer Displays
• The Girls of Beer Pong
• 15 Reasons Why Duct Tape is Awesome
• Tailgating now approved for select Georgia College & State University home games
• Game Day Grub: Taco Soup
• Rachel Zoe at the Pro Bowl Tailgating
• Best Chili for your Tailgate Party
• CBS reportedly is considering running gay dating site TV ad during Super Bowl
• With tailgating banned here are some Super Bowl Pregame Planning for Miami
• Girls who belong to the Lower Back Problems group on Facebook.
Tailgating Recipes for the Big Game
• Sex Twice a Week Cuts Heart Attack Risk in Half
Bears Tailgating
Tips for Healthier Tailgating
Tailgate Shabbat
• New Orleans Saints fans in Miami will have to improvise: No tailgating allowed
Super Bowl Tailgating Recipes

Weekend Wrap-Up #90: Table Head Butt Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 24 - 2010

Despite getting back home on Friday I am still recovering from three days out at the Sports Licencing & Tailgate Show. You think tailgaters can party in a parking lot? Try putting them all in Las Vegas at one time. Your liver and your ability to stay up late will be tested severely. So in honor of that, here is a video that will probably make you laugh at the kind of jackassedness tailgating provokes. (Be Careful when viewing: This video contains strong language that is NSFW and could be offensive to some.)

• Follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter
• Texas Tailgaters reminisce after loss
• Beer Pong Outlawed in Huntington Beach California
• You Know It’s the Off Season When You start planning next season’s tailgating in January
• The Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show kicked off last wednesday
• How to prevent foodborne illness while tailgating for 9 hours before the food is served?
• Tailgating… in January?!
• Local New Orleans group holds weekly tailgating parties at church
• Eco-responsible Tailgating Supplies Help Reduce Solid Waste
• Outdoor Cooking Equipment: 20 Tips
• New Orleans Saints fans tailgate early
• Yamaha Announces All-New EF2400iSHC Generator

The Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show is just a few days away from opening on the floor of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Many of the top retailers and manufacturers will be there displaying new products along with new companies introducing the world to the latest tailgating inventions. The show and expo will run from January 20-22 and TailgatingIdeas.com will be on site.

I will be one of the panelist speaking on the Wednesday luncheon forum discussing tailgating trends and how manufacturers and retailers can better understand what the tailgating community wants. I will be attending the expo all three days taking photos, talking to the exhibitors, uploading videos to YouTube and blogging on the days’ events right here on TailgatingIdeas.com. I just hope the WiFi or internet capabilities in my hotel room allow me to keep that promise.

Another great way to keep up on the happenings of the show is to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting all through the show along with twitpics of the latest and coolest gear. So if you can’t wait for that evening’s show wrap up, Twitter is the way to go.

Have a great week everyone and we’ll see you in Vegas.


Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #77: ‘Bama Babes Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 8 - 2010

Tonight marked the official conclusion of the 2009 college football season. Alabama won the BCS Championship Game (I refuse to call it the national championship until they get a college football playoff system in place.) and now everyone can start looking forward to spring football. So why not honor the Crimson Tide with a double shot of southern hotties paying homage to the Bear? Sounds good to me. Links follow the eye candy.

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• These folks take tailgating way over the goal line
• Elaine Spottswood (complete with photos) Is ARod’s New Girlfriend
TCU vs BSU in Tailgating
• Buzz Shot Beer Pong Card Game
• North Iowa Hawk fans tailgating for a victory
• A collection of Hot Alabama Crimson Tide Girls
• Extreme fans, extreme tailgating vehicles
• Readers of Asylum Have Cures for the Hangover Blues
• Texas Tailgaters ready for championship game
• 180 Photos of Awesome Beer Pong Tables
• Can you toss? Local league started for popular tailgating game
• Tips for the ultimate hassle-free tailgating season
Pre-Orange Bowl tailgating
• Tiger Woods’ mistress Jaimee Grubbs does Maxim
• 6 Top Tips to Plan a Super NCAA Tailgate Party
• Throw Your Own “World Series of Beer Pong”

$25 Gift Card Giveaway From Coleman

Posted by Dave On December - 5 - 2009

You know the name Coleman is synonymous with camping gear but did you know they make some great stuff for tailgating as well? On November 25th they started a promotion in that they are giving away a $25 gift card every day for 50 days. Just glancing at the calendar, 50 days leads all the way to January 14, 2010 and each day is another chance to win. These $25 gift cards from Coleman are good towards the purchase of anything found on Coleman.com. Here is what you have to do to be eligible to win one.

1. Follow Coleman on Twitter. (@ColemanCampfire)
2. Tweet the answer to this question, “What would you buy this holiday season from Coleman.com and why?” Make sure you put @ColemanCampfire in your Tweet.

Entries are limited to one per person/Twitter account per day (Note: The Twitter contest is open to US residents only). The official rules are found HERE. They will announce each day’s winner on Twitter so with each new day is another chance to win.

Coleman has also been generous enough to offer a $25 gift card to the readers of TailgatingIdeas.com. You don’t have to follow us on Twitter (although it would make you a lot cooler if you did) to win. All you need to do is leave a comment below answering the same question as before but with a small twist. All we want to know is “What would you buy this holiday season from Coleman.com and how will you use it while tailgating?”

Make sure when leaving your comment you include a valid email address. (Not to worry, no one else will be able to see it and we promise we will not spam you.) That way when you win we can notify you and have Coleman mail you your gift card directly. Deadline to leave a comment is the same as the Coleman deadline, January 14, 2010. I will use Random.org to randomly select the lucky commenter to win the $25 gift card from Coleman. We’ve used random.org’s number generator before and it is truly the most random and fair way to select a winner.

So there you have it. Good luck!




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