Tuesday T&A

  • Tuesday T&A: Misa Campo Edition

    I’m a sucker for a hot girl in a sports jersey. Hot girl in a San Diego Chargers jersey? Even better. So for this week’s edition of the Tuesday T&A, here is Misa Campo. She seems a bit conflicted on her sports allegiances. She’s wearing a Chargers jersey in one pic and then a Montreal… Read more »

  • Tuesday T&A: Jana Cova Edition

    It’s Tuesday and that means it time for another gallery of a girl you would love to take tailgating. This week it is the lovely Jana Cova. She’s originally from the Czech Republic and I doubt she has done much tailgating there before coming stateside. Either way, she is a stunner and deserves some recognition… Read more »

  • Tuesday T&A: Audrey Bitoni Edition

    Ah, Tuesday. For some it can be the new Friday. And today to perk up your Tuesday is Audrey Bitoni. I am not a celebrity stalker but doesn’t Audrey Bitoni look a little like Kim Kardashian? Either way, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and the full gallery is after the jump.

  • Tuesday T&A: Lacie Heart Edition

    I’ve gotten a few emails complaining about the Tuesday T&A. No, not complaining that it is offensive or degrading. Complaints that I publish these galleries late on Tuesday and that in reality, it is more like Wednesday. So in all fairness, today’s Tuesday T&A featuring Lacie Heart is being posted in the wee hours of… Read more »

  • Tuesday T&A: Riley Steele Edition

    It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another gallery of another tailgating babe. This week it is Riley Steele in a yellow bikini. She may not be tailgating in these photos but I am sure you wouldn’t mind inviting her to your next one. In order to keep the galleries coming, make sure to… Read more »