The Moocher

  • Read My Commentary In Tailgater Monthly Magazine

    Well, it’s official. I am not just some “blogger” anymore. I am now a published author whose contributions are apparently worthy of printed ink and magazine paper. The latest edition of Tailgater Monthly (I subscribe and so should you) arrived in mailboxes nationwide today. Inside you’ll find my article on Page 22 regarding the prevalence… Read more »

  • The 14 Tailgaters Who Annoy the Crap Out of You

    Whenever you cram thousands of people into one concentrated area, you are bound to get a diverse group. Tailgating is no different. Most tailgaters just hang out and do their own thing without calling attention to themselves. Some tailgaters can’t do that. Without further delay, here’s a list of the 14 most annoying tailgaters you… Read more »