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Weekend Wrap-Up #131: Tennessee Babes Edition

Posted by Dave On November - 13 - 2011

College football season comes and goes but one thing remains constant from where we are sitting. The folks down in SEC country have got it made in that across the board, that conference tends to lead the way when it comes to tailgating prowess. And the rich keep getting richer in the SEC because the Saturday afternoon eye candy down south never seems to take a year off. After perusing one of our favorite sites on the web, Poon of the SEC, we came across this photo we have chosen to lead off our weekly link dump segment. All we can say is that Tennessee may be having a lackluster year on the field but the ladies who tailgate in Knoxville never disappoint. We’ll let you guess which of these four gets our “Tailgate Approved” stamp. Links follow the Vol babes.

Tennessee Tailgating Girls

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Dixie grillworks banner

Tailgating in Knoxville

Posted by Dave On July - 13 - 2010

Tailgating in Knoxville Demotivational Poster

So I was messing around with my image editing software, GIMP, (suck it Abode Photoshop. I am not paying your blood money) and thought it might be fun to create one of those Demotivational Posters for tailgating. So here was my first attempt. Those of you cagey veterans that visit this website quite often may recognize the dude drinking in the photo.

Weekend Wrap #75: The Masses Have Spoken Edition

Posted by Dave On August - 9 - 2009

First things first… apologies for missing this week’s Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper. I was sick in the middle of the week and just could not make it happen. The good news is that last week’s Weekend Wrap included a poll asking you your preference as to what you wanted to see more off in the Weekend Wrap-up. I can’t say I was surprised when I saw the results. Apparently you guys enjoy attractive women. So in honor of that and since this country has not gone completely socialist (at least not yet) I am going to give you what you voted for, but with a twist.

The Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper will remain unchanged in substance and in format however the Weekend Wrap will include a selected video of some very nice eye candy. They’ll still be safe for work type videos so you won’t get fired but I wouldn’t invite your boss into your cube to view them unless he is really, really cool. So without further delay, here is the first of hopefully many videos for the Weekend Wrap. This one features the tryouts for the Miami Caliente of the Lingerie Football League.

Now on with this week’s links.





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