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Instagram Tailgating Round-up #1

Posted by Dave On September - 6 - 2013

Ever since joining Instagram last month, it never ceases to amaze us how many users post up and share their tailgating photos via social media. From time to time we will browse all the photos that Instagram has to offer and aggregate the photos we think are the best of the best and share them here in a photo gallery. So here’s to our inaugural Instagram tailgating Round-up for this week.

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #122: Kate Upton Car Wash Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 23 - 2013

Featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is nothing new for us. When it comes to gaining page views, the mere mention of Kate Upton is the equivalent of mentioning Erin Andrews back in 2009. We here at Tailgating Ideas are not above any shameless attempts to gain more page views and new visitors.

After all, how else do you expect us to help spread the word about tailgating and promoting the tailgate party lifestyle? This week it had been rumored that Kate Upton would be starring in a Mercedes Super Bowl commercial. Whether that is true or not, this video was “leaked” on the internet that teases the idea of a possible more detailed commercial coming on Super Bowl Sunday. Well played Mercedes Benz, well played. Links following the eye candy.

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Burger Pocket Press

MVP Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Posted by Peter On December - 2 - 2012

I was more excited to review the MVP Portable Wireless Speaker from Acoustic Research than any other product I’ve reviewed for this site. Just a quick background on myself – I have a ridiculous amount of tailgate gear and have come across hundreds of products, so when I see something that is good – it’s good! There was very little I could find wrong with this portable speaker!

At first glance the speaker almost looks like a jumbo thermos or a portable heater. It is so light that you can even strap it onto your belt and walk around with it playing your music. It looks like a well built product and the sound is outstanding considering the size of it. This speaker was even tested against a similar product that was twice the price and size and there was very little difference in sound clarity and quality. The one thing this speaker might be lacking in is bass, but it isn’t something to be too concerned with (unless you are trying to blast music for 50-100 people)

There are a lot of great features about this product. For starters, the customized skinit’s that you can get allow you to show your team/school spirit and they seem to have almost every team available. There are no D batteries needed that suck money out of your wallet and seem to drain almost instantly (it takes six AA batteries). One nice thing about the battery option is the convenience. It will allow one to bring the system to a tailgate or to the beach, lake, etc. There is a compartment on the back of it that allows you to put your MP3 player in it – eliminating the hassle and worry of something happening to your MP3 while it is connected. The bluetooth feature is quite simple to setup and very convenient as well.

The way it is designed and the features it has makes this the most ideal portable sound system I can think of. This product was definitely very well thought out and it has an emphasis on convenience, sound clarity and a fair price. I think it would make the perfect holiday gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music on the go!

For more information and to see the SkinIt wrap options available for the MVP Portable Wireless Speaker from Acoustic Research, visit: MVPspeaker.com



The Holstar Tailgate Gadget Review

Posted by Peter On September - 29 - 2012

The Holstar is a type of product that I have seen on websites before but never have been able to experience for myself. One of the first things I noticed that I liked was that these Holstar’s are made with a quality material. They’re not a cheap plastic or velcro product. Rather, they are made with high quality leather that looks and feels sturdy. One Holstar comes with a metal piece that allows you to slip it onto your belt and another comes with a piece that has a snap on button so both were nice features.

I like that you can have your own team name or a logo customized onto the Holstar as it adds a personal touch. The material is flexible enough to allow you to gain access to a cold drink in a can or glass. I did struggle more when I tried to use a water bottle in there however.

A downside to the product for me was that it seems to be tailored for someone in the Southwest or someone who considers themselves “country” or a “Cowboy”. Not the greatest fit for a tailgater from New Jersey, but that isn’t really their target audience to begin with.

Overall I enjoyed the product and think it could really thrive in a country or Western type tailgate setting. The price is nice considering the quality and effort that the product is made with and it sits so comfortably on your waist that if the Holstar is empty you forget it is there.

Burger Pocket Press

Pac 12 Tailgate Rankings

Posted by Peter On May - 6 - 2012

Pac 12 tailgating is certainly different from the other five BCS conferences. Considering it is comprised of mostly west coast schools, it should be. One thing it has that no other conference in the country can create, is the picturesque landscapes. Whether it’s the deserts of Arizona, the lake at Washington or the mountains of Colorado, almost every school’s tailgate has beautiful scenery surrounding the stadium. The Pac 12 might’ve been the most difficult conference to collect data on tailgating, but hopefully these rankings will encourage tailgaters to raise their school’s tailgating up to higher levels, generating more information and better rankings in the future.

Washington Tailgate Blender

Washington: Tailgate yachts, snow capped mountains, salmon and crab are just some of the nouns that describe a Washington tailgate. On most Saturday’s in the fall, over 10,000 people party out on Lake Washington before heading off into Husky stadium, makes Washington one of the most unique tailgating experiences in the country. Members of Washington’s rowing team will even shuttle you from the dock to your boat. How is that for service? “Sterngating” is very unique. Where else can you fish for your tailgate food and then cook it minutes later? Besides tailgating in boats, there are also several painted RVs that do a good job of maintaining a solid ground atmosphere near the stadium.  Bottom line is this is one of the coolest places to visit in the whole country.

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