tailgating tales

  • Tailgating Tales: Rose Bowl Humiliation

    Image by brianholsclaw via Flickr Earlier this month, Dave gave the staff writers here at TailgatingIdeas.com a writing assignment. Our task was to recall the worst tailgating moment that we could remember. The key word for me in that last sentence is “that I can remember”. I have to admit that no disasters, lawsuits that… Read more »

  • Tailgating Tales: Here’s $50, Can I Cut In Line?

    Image by CharlieBoy808 via Flickr Kudos to both Chris and Brandon for starting this series off right. I guess it is high time I add in one of my own Tailgating Tales of a tailgate gone bad. When you do as much tailgating as I have over the years you are bound to have something… Read more »

  • New Series: Tailgating Tales Launched

    Image by Getty Images via Daylife We are starting a new feature here on TailgatingIdeas.com called Tailgating Tales. In a nutshell it will be stories, amusing anecdotes and other nonsense from your tailgating experiences. We want to hear from you how a good tailgate party went from good to bad or just flat out something… Read more »

  • Tailgating Tales: A Little Too Hot

    Image by Scamperator via Flickr Everyone loves a good tailgate.  Everyone love a good tailgate story.  No doubt that everyone also loves a good story about a tailgate gone bad. Time to break out the blooper real and share this fan’s goof.  In the end, my moment of stupidity was nothing more than a brain… Read more »