tailgate shirt ideas

  • The T-Shirt Guy…or Gal

    Maybe this fan is cheap. Maybe I like a good bargain too much. But why do sporting good stores even bother selling jerseys or team themed t-shirts any more? If you are on this site you are already going to the stadium to watch your favorite team play (if the economy has shrunk your ticket… Read more »

  • Free Shirts From LetsGoTailgating.com

    Right off the bat, a big thank you to LetsGoTailgating.com for being a loyal sponsor of TailgatingIdeas.com. if you haven’t had a chance to check that site out, you really should. They have pretty much anything and everything you will need to have your tailgate party fully decked out in the right gear. Secondly, The… Read more »

  • Tailgate Party T-Shirt Ideas

    You always get the same question before heading out to go tailgating. “What should I wear to the tailgate party?” Here at Tailgating Ideas we are no Mr. Blackwell, but we have seen a few tailgating fashion do’s and don’ts in our time in the parking lots. Here are two easy tips based on the… Read more »