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Top 10 Posts of 2011

Posted by Dave On December - 31 - 2011

top 10With new year’s eve rapidly approaching it seems as if everyone is looking back and reflecting on the past year. If you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em is how the old saying goes.

2011 was the best year yet for TailgatingIdeas.com. This year we set a record for the most visitors since opening up the website in 2007 and we are on pace to break the 400,000 visitor mark with one more day to go in the year. We also added two new contributors to the TailgatingIdeas.com family, welcoming in Peter Tverdov and Jeff Herbst into the mix. Jeff just joined the website a few days ago and Peter’s contributions have been popular and controversial and generating a lot of buzz on the message boards.

We also gained some recognition and acknowledgement in the mainstream media in 2011. In July, ESPN the Magazine Featured the PolarHeat Quad Chairs and suggested people buy them from our online tailgating gear store. The article drew so much interest that we completely sold out of the chairs and can no longer offer them for sale. Speaking of magazines speaking highly of us, popular men’s magazine Maxim interviewed yours truly seeking advice on how to have a killer tailgate party. Maxim quoted my suggestion that people use tailgatewiki.com when going tailgating to gain an insider’s knowledge of tailgating parking lots. In August, TailgatingIdeas.com turned four years old and once again defied the odds that a blog dedicated to tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle would eventually fade away. We’re still here and expect 2012 to be even bigger and better.

All in all, 2011 was our best year since starting this tailgating blog in 2007 but it would not have been possible without all of you reading this right now. With that said, we would like to say thank you for reading and visiting. If you are a regular, thank you for your loyalty and we hope we have provided you with some outstanding tailgating ideas over the past year. If you are brand new, welcome and we hope you bookmark us and return frequently. So without further delay, let’s take a look back at which posts were the most viewed and read by you the visitors.

10) Video: Penn State Tailgating Girl – The video was posted to YouTube and was available for all to see but has since been changed to private. So unfortunately if you missed it there is no more seeing it unless the person who shot and uploaded it to YouTube sends you an invite. But before the video was made private it featured a college co-ed drunk off her ass rolling around in the Penn State parking lot, stumbling around quite a bit and basically acting a fool. We’re not sure when exactly this gal started tailgating but apparently it was too early and went just a little too hard out of the gate.

Wisconsin tailgating beer pong

9) Quick & Fun Tailgating Games – Further proof that some of the simplest tailgating blog posts can be the most informative and popular. Written by Peter Tverdov, this post outlined some of the popular tailgating games you may encounter when out tailgating. For those veteran tailgaters this blog post may have been nothing new to learn but we sometimes forget, not everyone is a tailgating expert. Some people seeking information on the basics of tailgating come across our blog and find the information contained within very insightful and helpful. This is one of those posts that we believe fell into this category and we were happy so many people found it.

8) Whiskey Tango Trailer – One of our more loyal and dedicated readers named Johnny loves to tailgate and loves to share his passion for tailgating with others. He frequently emails us updates on his tailgating adventures and this post was mapping out how he converted a pop-up tent trailer into a dedicated tailgating trailer. He breaks down the costs and even provides insight on how he did it for those of you wanting a DIY job to undertake.

Best of Times Bar Buffalo Bills7) Product Review: The Best of Times Bar – Tailgating product reviews have become an integral part of what makes this tailgating blog work so well. We have a standing policy that if someone on our writing staff can see the product, touch and put it through it paces, we will write a review of it. We don’t do cut and paste jobs of press releases so we can truly earn our readers’ trust knowing someone who knows and understands tailgating has made sure this product is as billed. The Best of Times Bar was a great product review performed by Brandon Gunning who put the portable bar through its paces. Brandon gave it a Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp so apparently the positive review garnered a lot of visits making it our seventh most popular post this year.

6) Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer – It has been a while since we have seen or even reviewed a new grill that is designed for tailgating exclusively. Back in September we got our hands on a Blacktop 360 grill/fryer before it was available in stores and it was unlike any tailgating grill or outdoor cooking device we had tested before. First of all it is round and the cook can stand anywhere within the 360 degree radius of the grill. Not only is it a grill but it has a griddle and a warming plate all along the perimeter of the unit. In the middle is a deep fryer where you can prepare onion rings, french fries, fry up some chicken wings or even warm up soup or keep nacho dip warm. A truly unique grilling machine and as verified by the number of readers this blog post saw, you all were in agreement.

Strawberry Margarita jello shots5) Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots In Fresh Strawberries – From time to time we offer up recipes to take and make while tailgating. We shared this one which was simple yet very creative to make it our most popular tailgating recipe of the year. Basically it details how to make strawberry margarita jell-o shots and instead of putting them in Dixie Cups you place them in hallowed out fresh strawberries.

4) Ranking the ACC Schools – Another post written by Peter Tverdov, this one got all of ACC nation in an uproar. Coming in at No. 4, this post, as with any list that assigns a ranking to anything is bound to cause some controversy and debate. That is exactly what this post did and by ranking the ACC schools based on their tailgating prowess, some fans took to their team’s message boards and forums to either confirm the ranking or dispute it. It was a colorful two weeks straight where one message board would link to the post stating it was right on target and then a few days later a rival schools message board would link in refuting the rankings as mere garbage. It makes for a great blog post and sure got the entire ACC fan base in a tizzy.

3) What Should I Drink Flowchart – A humor piece we borrowed from Sixpoint Craft Ales which featured a flow chart to answer the age old question, “What should I drink?”. Of course the answer to any question is always beer.

2) Video: Chainsaw Bottle Opener – The video was only 11 seconds long but it surely got a lot of people watching it. It was simply a guy opening up two beer bottles only he was doing it with a running chainsaw. The beauty is that he popped the caps off the tops of the bottles and neither bottle tipped or sloshed any beer out of it. You need to watch it to believe it.

1) Video: Beer Pong Dunk Over Car – Beer pong is quite popular amongst tailgaters and so is the game ending “beer pong slam dunk”. The NBA slam dunk contest this year featured Blake Griffin jumping over a car to win the contest and videos of it popped up all over the internet. A few guys decided to film one guy replicating the Blake Griffin dunk over a car but with beer pong. The results? Our most popular post of the year. Take a look and see why.

So that’s a wrap on the most popular posts from 2011. Hopefully 2011 was a great year for you too and had you tailgating frequently all year long. Here is wishing you and yours a happy and safe 2012 and many, many hours tailgating in the coming new year.

Park It Here

Posted by Chris On July - 2 - 2011

It seems so obvious, but it just dawned on this tailgater last week.  The outcome of your tailgate or how much fun you are going to have is most likely determined before you even break out your food, adult beverages, and gear.  Yep, all of your tailgating preparation could be all for naught if you park your vehicle in the wrong parking spot.

The moment right after you hand over your cash to the parking lot attendant is so pressure filled.  I am talking Billy Joel pressure my friends.  Sure you probably don’t feel the butterflies but they should be there.  In the matter of seconds you are going to make the ultimate decision which will go a long way in determining the success of your tailgate.  The parking spot.

I am sure each tailgater is unique in locating his / her prime spot.  Some will focus on the tailgaters around them.  Other will focus on how many surrounding empty parking spots there are.  If you park in one spot and the spots to your left and right are empty well that means more room to spread out your gear or make the upcoming game of corn hole more challenging.

The goal of this tailgater is to find a spot that gives easy access out of the parking lot following the game.  Yep, this guy will sacrifice space or access to eye candy for an open spot next to the entrance / exit of the lot.

I am a fan that almost always stays until the last pitch or snap so not getting stuck in the post-game traffic is of highest importance.  The value of such a spot takes on even greater importance on Sunday and Monday night NFL games when the job is waiting for you in a few short hours.  In short, I am of the belief that a kick-ass tailgate or nail bitter game (where the home team wins of course) can all be ruined (well almost) by having to sit in post-game traffic out of the parking lot.  Throw in a bunch of drunks who probably shouldn’t be driving and hello STRESS.

[Off topic…I have always heard, and not sure if it is true, that the police tend to write out more tickets at the end of month to meet a pre-defined quota.  If this is true I have always wondered why they just don’t station themselves outside the parking lot of a completed sporting event.  Hello ticket jackpot!  I am glad that they don’t but this is truly something that I have been wondering since I was a tailgating virgin.]

OK, back to the point of this post which is more of an open question to you readers…how do you select your tailgating parking spot?

Do you have a standard (or even lucky) location?  Do you park near bathroom access (despite the stench and lines)?  Or are you super social and look for the ultimate tailgate, where you can mingle and join in on the fun of the tailgates around you?

Oddly enough I found out last Friday that for my entire Philadelphia tailgating life I have been lying to myself.  I always thought that I knew the prime real estate for the easiest exit after the game.  I went to the game with some new friends last week and found an even better spot to beat the traffic!

Let the comments (PLEASE) begin…

Camping World

KoozieKlip Review

Posted by Dave On June - 20 - 2011

We’ve all done it at a tailgate party. Grabbed a plate of delicious food, gotten a cold one out of the cooler and wondered “where do I put my beer?” while trying to eat. Many of you place it on a table or a unfolded tailgate where it could get tipped over, forgotten or worse, drank by someone else. What if there was a way to keep your drink cold and on your person but away from your body heat? We recently discovered the KoozieKlip for a tailgating product review. We put it through its paces in a real tailgating environment to see if it would be “Tailgate Approved’.

KoozieKlip H2O Girl Beach

Upon its arrival, the first thing we noticed was that it comes in three different sizes. There is the standard 12 oz. aluminum koozie can holder, the glass bottle koozie with the zip-up jacket and a water bottle koozie with a drawstring feature to keep the bottle snug inside. There is nothing special about those aspects until you see that it comes with a belt clip. This belt clip is reminiscent of the cell phone belt clips where there is a plastic clip that attaches to your belt or the waistband of your shorts with a button on top. Then, sewn into the koozie is the part that slides into the belt clip channel and snaps it secure. So now all you need to do is choose your beverage, choose your KoozieKlip style, and then insert the koozie into the belt clip until you hear it click and it will stay there, safe and secure.

To take a drink, simply press your thumb down on the top button while placing your four fingers around the top of the can or bottle. Press down on the button to release the koozie and then lift your beverage straight up and out of the clip and take a drink. Pretty simple stuff.

KoozieKlip aluminum canKoozieKlip beer bottleKoozieKlip water bottle

In testing the KoozieKlip we did discover a few aspects of the product you should be aware of. First of all, as you drink your beverage, the weight will change from the time you open it until you have one last swallow left. Just be aware of how much is probably in the can or bottle as you take it out or you could spill on yourself. Applying the lift strength to a half empty beer can compared to a full beer can could result in spilling it on yourself or others if the koozie is lifted out too quickly. Also, when wrapping your four fingers around the top of beverage, make sure to apply the same amount of pressure needed for a good grip on the different weights you may encounter. Lastly, try not to move around in fast and quick motions because this could cause carbonated drinks to fizz and foam too much. Other than those tips, we believe the KoozieKlip is a nice way to enjoy your favorite drink while tailgating without having to abandon it or forgetting where you put it down.

The Koozieklip for 12 oz. cans will run you $8.68, the glass bottle KoozieKlip runs $10.85 and the water bottle KoozieKlip (a.k.a. the universal KoozieKlip) is $13.56. To find out more information or to buy one of your own, visit: koozieklip.com.

Weekend Wrap-Up #116: Don’t Be That Guy Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 18 - 2010

We’ve all had one too many while tailgating. But I am not sure if we all have tried to take a nap in our tailgating chair. And I highly doubt that any of us have ever been so hammered we have been dumped out of said chair and not been able to figure out if we were pushed rather than figuring we fell out on our own. Or maybe this guy knew Ohio State was going to lose their No. 1 ranking after only having it for a whole week and decided getting blasted was the better option. Links follow the video:

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Cover Your Bass

Tailgating Gear in Review: April 2010 Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 29 - 2010

It seems as though April was a bit light for new tailgating games and gear coming out and hitting the market. That being said it doesn’t mean there was nothing new, just less than normal. I’m sure that will pick up in the coming months as we approach summer concert tailgating, summer grilling season and of course, football season is right around the corner. So, if you have been napping for the past month or this is your first visit here, here is what you missed.

Yankee Stadium cookie tinCooperstown Cookie Company – When you think of “tailgating gear” you probably don’t think of cookies. But what if they were shortbread cookies made in the shape of baseballs? Or what if these cookies were the official cookies of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York? You might change your tune on what exactly is considered tailgating gear.

Cookies are the desert of choice for tailgaters for a number of reasons. They are easy to transport and you can pick them up and eat them without needing a plate and fork like cakes and pies. Plus cookies shaped like baseballs are perfectly suited for tailgating this time of year. Combine that convenience with the fact these baseball cookies come packaged in special stadium tins designed to look like major league ballparks and you’ve got yourself a home run for those tailgaters with a sweet tooth. Find out more about Cooperstown Cookie Company or visit their website HERE.

New York Yankees Custom Tailgating Grill – Since last football season we have been taking Margaritaville Tailgating Grills and transforming them into custom team grills for various sports fans. Our most recent custom job was done for a die-hard New York Yankees fan. Of course when you customize a tailgating grill to honor the 27-time World Series champions, you need to step up your game. I think we did that in that we not only customized it to Yankees colors complete with a center emblem but also gave it the trademark Yankee pinstripes. (Click images for larger view)

New York Yankees Tailgating Grill.New York Yankees Tailgating Grill.New York Yankees Tailgating Grill

As you can see, the pinstripes are the exact color and width of a real Yankee pinstripe. The white spacing between them is also the exact width as you would find on an official Yankees uniform. To learn more about how this grill came to be or to see other examples of other grills we have customized, visit this post – Yankees Tailgating Grill

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix
– Typically an early morning call to the tailgating lot means two things… 1) ESPN has decided to televise your game and has moved it to a noon kick-off and 2) you are going to need a good Bloody Mary recipe. Now that I have discovered Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix, No. 2 has just been eliminated. All the ingredients of a spicy Bloody Mary are right there in the bottle. All you need to do when you are ready to make one while tailgating is to “Shake the Bottle and Wake the Luv”.

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix is not for every tailgater. If you like a milder Bloody Mary, you may want to stick to those mixes you find in your local grocery store. The beauty of Jimmy Luv’s is the right combination of spices are already mixed in there. That means you don’t have to haul your entire spice rack from home just to make a good Bloody Mary in the parking lot.

You can get a three-pack of Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix directly from their website for $24.99 with shipping included. A six-pack will cost you $41.49 with shipping thrown in and a 12-pack is $69.99 with shipping included. For more information or to buy some Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix for your next tailgate, visit: jimmyluvsbloodymarymix.com

Go Green Tailgate Packs – As tailgaters we all want to lighten the environmental load our tailgate parties typically have. Because tailgating needs to be fast, quick and convenient, environmentalism sometimes gets sacrificed for convenience and disposable. Now with Go Green Tailgate Packs you can still have an easy set-up to your tailgate party yet still be gentle on the environment.

Go Green Tailgate Packs come in a variety of options but no matter what package you choose, you can rest at ease knowing all items are 100% recyclable or compostable. Go Green Tailgate items like plates, forks, spoons and knives are not made from paper and plastic but rather made of renewable resources like corn stalks and other environmentally friendly materials. To learn more about “going green” while tailgating, you can read more from our Go Green Tailgate post from Earth Day 2010.

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