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The NFL Can Be Beaten

Posted by Dave On February - 2 - 2010

Chalk one up for tailgaters and true football fans everywhere. The greed and avarice shown by the National Football League has been beaten back by regular folks who showed commitment, solidarity and guts to take on the mighty NFL. The result? The National football League was forced to back down from their stance and issued a backpedaling statement with their tail between their legs.


You’re probably asking yourself, “what the hell are you talking about?”. We’re talking about the NFL claiming it owns the licencing rights to the cheer and term “Who Dat?” that has become synonymous amongst New Orleans Saints fans.

Once it was determined that the New Orleans Saints would be going to Miami for their very first Super Bowl, local merchants in the New Orleans area were issued cease and desist orders from the NFL urging them to discontinue the sale of merchandise that contained the term “Who Dat?”. The NFL Claimed it owned the term “Who Dat?” and any merchandise that was not officially licenced by the NFL containing “Who Dat?” would be subject to legal action. As you can imagine, small business owners that are selling this merchandise already know the NFL can afford a team of high priced lawyers and a court battle with the NFL is probably not a fight they want to fight.

(Funny how the NFL only was concerned with this potential copyright and licencing infringement only when the Saints were headed to the Super Bowl. Why didn’t the NFL feel the need to pull this stunt when the Saints were 13-0 and undefeated? Does the NFL claim to own the licencing rights of people wearing bags over their heads and the term the “New Orleans A’ints?”)

The merchants and fans claimed “Who Dat” was public domain and that the fans and the people of New Orleans owned it. Unfortunately for the NFL and whatever brainiac that thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with the entire city of New Orleans, the merchants didn’t just roll over because they got a letter from the big, bad NFL. These merchants organized themselves and aligned themselves with the fans. And once that happened the NFL stood no chance.

So what happened? Blame the internet and the power of social networking for bringing the NFL to their knees on this one. A FaceBook Fan Page entitled The Who-Dat Nation WILL NOT buy “Who-Dat” Merchandise licensed by the NFL was created and grew to almost 800 members in two days. (A quick glance at the page this evening and it has close to 2,700 members now.) With this kind of support in such a short amount of time you can imagine the backlash a fan would receive if they were caught wearing an officially licenced NFL “Who Dat?” shirt.

Oh, you mean the NFL could stand to lose its shirt on Saints gear that was printed specifically for Super Bowl XLIV? You mean this boycott was so strong that the NFL was looking at thousands of t-shirts that would be set off to Haiti in a week?

Then the big wigs started to come out in support of the fans on this issue. Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, Congressman Charlie Melancon and Saints head coach Sean Payton are all weighed in on the controversy. All were in support of the term “Who Dat” belonging to the people and not the NFL. Vitter went as far as to composed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging the NFL “to drop this obnoxious and legally unsustainable position”. Vitter even thumbed his nose at the NFL and told them straight up in his letter,

“This letter will also serve as formal legal notice that I am having t-shirts printed that say “WHO DAT say we can’t print Who Dat!” for widespread sale in commerce. Please either drop your present ridiculous position or sue me.”

Cut to the chase, the NFL dropped their ridiculous cease and desist order and backpedaled away from their original position. The NFL claimed it is challenging the sale of items only “when those products contained or are advertised using other trademarks or identifiers of the Saints.” Basically they backed off and saved face by saying any “Who Dat” merchandise needs to be generic and not contain Saints logos or reference the Saints in any way. Big difference between that position and claiming they own the copyright on “Who Dat”. to borrow for Shaquille O’Neal I think the fans of New Orleans just asked the NFL, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes?

So what is the lesson we as tailgating nation can learn from Who Dat Nation? Accurately targeted action along with complete solidarity will get results. It didn’t hurt that some high powered Senators and Congressmen got involved but that just shows the magnitude this controversy exploded to.

When the NFL starts taking away your tailgating times and shortens the time the gates are open, are you just going to roll over and take it or will you have the balls to organize a boycott? Saints fans have provided you all with a blueprint on how to get the NFL’s attention and get results. It is up to all of us to come together and come up with creative ways to save our tailgating times and preserve this lifestyle we have grown to love.

Memo to the National Football League: Sesame Street just called. They are claiming they own the letters N, F and L and would like to issue a cease and desist order and have you stop using them effectively immediately. This message was brought to you by the letters W-H-O-D-A-T.

Weekend Wrap-Up #91: Sexy Super Bowl Commercials Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 1 - 2010

The Super Bowl is a week away and that means just a few things. 1) Thanks to the NFL, no one will be tailgating before the Super Bowl at land Shark Stadium next Sunday. 2) If you go to a friend’s house, you’re likely to run into some annoying people at a Super Bowl Party. 3) No matter how good or bad the game turns out to be, Madison Avenue will roll out it best commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. So in honor of that, here is a YouTube video where you can select any of the top nine sexiest Super Bowl ads over the last few years. Each video you click from inside the video will open up the video on YouTube. Once you are all done watching that one (or all nine you freaking perv) come back and check out this weeks hot links of news going on in the world of tailgating and other stuff you’ll find interesting.

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #79: Who Dat Babe Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 28 - 2010

With the Super Bowl teams now set to head to Miami, we tailgaters are left with the decision of who to root for. Unless you are a Colts or Saints fan the decision could be a long and arduous process. I personally want to thank Wayne, a loyal Tailgatingideas.com reader and Saints season ticket holder, for making my decision to root for the Saints a whole lot easier. Wayne felt compelled to share with me a few photos he shot while inside the Super Dome when the Saints were en route to earning their first Super Bowl invitation. Needless to say, unless some Colts fan can produce some equal or greater eye candy and get it to me before next Wednesday, I think the photo below has convinced me I will be saying “Who Dat?!?” on Super Bowl Sunday. Links follow the eye candy.

Saints fan 1

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #78: Anna Burns Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 14 - 2010

So you’re probably asking yourself, “who is Anna Burns?”. Well, for those astute and attentive watchers of NFL playoff football, you may have noticed a certain lovely lady sitting next to Wes Welker in the owner’s luxury box this weekend. Yes, that same Wes Welker that has been Tom Brady’s security blanket the past few years that tore up his knee in the final game of the regular season. Anna Burns is not only Wes Welker’s girlfriend but her credentials include being Miss Hooters International 2005. So Tom Brady is a three time Super Bowl winner and is able to lock down Giselle Bündchen, a Victoria’s Secret model. Welker not as accomplished on the field as Brady but still able to lock down Anna Burns. So needless to say, it is good to be an NFL player when it comes to expanding your dating pool. Links to follow the eye-candy.


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Register For Super ‘Gate III & Get Special Discount

Posted by Dave On November - 3 - 2009

Super_Gate_3By now you are probably pretty well aware that the NFL has banned tailgating at the Super Bowl. They claim they haven’t banned it but when the NFL outlawed open flames/grilling and any type of pop-up tents, they essentially told tailgaters to take a hike.

Two years ago Jay “the Tailgate Guy” DiEugenio came up with the concept of Super Gate. It is basically a large multi-day tailgate party that gathers many of the hard core tailgaters from all over the country and brings them together in the Super Bowl host city. Even though the location of the two previous Super ‘Gates have been off-site and away from the host stadium the event has seen growth from year No. 1 to year No. 2.

Super ‘Gate III is scheduled to hit South Florida because this year’s Super Bowl will be at Land Shark Stadium in Miami. The location of Super ‘Gate III is Parking Lot F at 21297 NW 27th Avenue in Miami Gardens, Fla. (That’s less than two miles away from Land Shark Stadium.) Reserved spaces are already going on sale with a number of the premium spots already claimed. Some very good spaces still remain but they too may be gone if you wait too long.

We got in touch with Jay “the Tailgate Guy” DiEugenio and asked if we could offer those readers of TailgatingIdeas.com a special discount when they reserve a space. Jay thought it was a great idea so if you register for Super ‘Gate III through a special link on TailgatingIdeas.com, you will get a 10% discount on your tailgating space. Enter coupon code “TGIdeas_SGIII” (without the quotation marks, of course) when making your reservation and your discount will automatically apply. You can also click this link, Super ‘Gate III: The Super Brawl of Tailgating and the discount code will automatically be entered into the correct area for you. All you have to do is pick your spot, reserve it and you will be a part of Super ‘Gate III.

The Scene at night at Super Gate II in Tampa 2009.

The Scene at night at Super 'Gate II in Tampa 2009.

There are two types of tailgating spaces you can reserve for Super ‘Gate III:

Premium Site is a 30′ x 50′ space to camp & tailgate for 3 days and includes a premium location, 1 dump, 1 fill, and 30 amp electric hookup included. If you tailgate with an RV or a converted bus, this is the type of space you want to reserve. With the special TailgatingIdeas.com 10% discount, this space will run you $450 plus a $9.95 processing fee.

Standard Site is a 20′ x 40′ space to camp & tailgate for all 3 days. Dry camping, no hookups. Dump and fill can be purchased on site from the service. Those tailgaters that tailgate out of the backs of their pick-up trucks or SUV, this is most likely the type of space you are going to want to reserve. With the special TailgatingIdeas.com 10% discount, this space will run you $270 plus a $7.74 processing fee.

Also, there is a special incentive to registering early. They are offering a “First In” Upgrade that ends November 16, 2009. The “First In” Upgrade entitles you to come early and set-up on Thursday rather than the regular Friday check-in. Plus, you’ll get to attend a private party “for First Ins only” hosted by Jay “The Tailgate Guy” aboard the legendary “Mullet” on Thursday night. Limited quantity available and the offer ends 11/16/09. It pays to book early so you can set up early.

So if you want to be a part of the Super Bowl and want to tailgate, Super Gate III is your best bet. And by booking online and using the special discount code, you’ll save some extra money that can go towards ice, beer and food. To see the map of available spaces, click HERE. To reserve your spot at Super ‘Gate III, click HERE.

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