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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #104: Snow Bunny Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 3 - 2011

No matter where you live in the United States, chances are you are fully aware that most of the country is buried in snow. The airlines have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to the weather and people are shoveling out tons of snow everywhere. So we thought it appropriate to include a little snow bunny as this week’s eye candy. Enjoy and try to stay warm no matter where you are. Links follow the eye candy:

Snow Bunny

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Sportsbook 101: Super Bowl Wagering

Posted by Dave On February - 2 - 2011

Las Vegas Hilton SportsBookWe are less than a week away from the culmination of the 2010 NFL season when the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers meet in Super Bowl XLV this Sunday. With the close of that comes the end of the season which also means football wagering will take an eight month hiatus. So it is no wonder that the Super Bowl is the single most wagered sports event every year.

For sports bettors, think of the Super Bowl as the last meal a prisoner gets when they are on death row before execution. Prisons honor requests of filet mignon for those prisoners much like sports books pull out all the stops for sports bettors. Never will you see so many proposition bets available surrounding one single game than you will for the Super Bowl. With each passing year, the prop bets seem to get more and more exotic and outrageous.

Of course there are the standard money line, point spread, over/under and half time score bets that you can get down on. This time of year everyone seems to have an opinion on who will win and will offer up superbowl predictions even if you didn’t ask for it. Some people may point to how each team has performed and will back up their lean with statistical analysis. Others will look to trends coming from previous Super Bowls as their guide on how to bet. No matter what method you choose, there is no dearth of options of how to bet come Sunday.

Here are just a few strange prop bets we found interesting that are unique to this year’s Super Bowl. (Odds listed are from BetUs and were the odds as of press time.)

Color of Gatorade dumped on Winning Head Coach
Lime Green +600
Yellow +100
Orange +500
Red -120
Blue +1500
Clear/Water +300

How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem?
Over 1min and 56sec -125
Under 1min and 56sec -115

Number of NFL Players arrested during Super Bowl Weekend
Over ½ Players +150
Under ½ Players -200

Will a punt hit the scoreboard during the game
Yes +800

Who Will Have More on Feb 6th 2011
Blake Griffin (Clippers) Points (NBA) -115
Packers Points -115

Those examples are just a small sample of the types of bets you can make on the Super Bowl. You can wager on who will score the first touchdown, the last touchdown or even if the team to score last will even win the game. You can bet on the number of punts, sacks, interceptions and even how the first punt will be fielded. You can even get action on if the Super Bowl MVP will thank his mom, coach or God first in the post game interview.

Our advice? If you are going to wager on the Super Bowl and you plan on deviating from the “normal” bets, please make sure to realize these bets are based on pure luck. Have fun watching the Super Bowl and always bet responsibly.

The Stupidest Idea Ever

Posted by Dave On January - 24 - 2011

Cowboys StadiumIt’s not a well hidden secret that I have had my beef with the National Football League and their hypocrisy regarding alcohol policies and their negative attitude towards tailgating in general. It all started three years ago when the NFL banned tailgating at the Super Bowl. In 2009 when the NFL started selling officially licensed NFL beer pong tables, we called them out on their hypocrisy at that time too.

Now the NFL has broached a new level of fleecing the NFL fan for every dime they have in their bank account. The NFL now has the audacity to charge people $200 per person for the privilege of standing outside of Cowboys Stadium (this year’s site of the Super Bowl) to watch the game on TV.

NBCDFW.com: NFL to Sell Standing-Room Tickets for Outside the Stadium
Yahoo! Sports: NFL to charge people $200 to stand outside Super Bowl stadium
ESPN Dallas: ‘We’ve never done this before’

The NFL isn’t calling it a “Tailgate Party” but rather the “Party Plaza”. You know, because, ummm, tailgating is apparently bad at the Super Bowl… you know, unless they can charge people $200 a head to do it.

So what does $200 get an NFL fan? Fans will have to sit on the grass on the East Side of the stadium and watch the game on HD TV screens. But wait! There’s more… You’ll also get a free parking pass, four Super Bowl game programs and four scarves. Yes, you read that right. Scarves! Because all NFL fans want scarves.

So let me get this straight… The NFL wants you to pay $200 to sit on a grass slope OUTSIDE the stadium and watch a game that is already available on your TV at home? That’s sounds like a heck of a deal but now that they have sweetened the deal with scarves, count me in. (I wish my blog had a sarcasm font so dumb people who would pay $200 to watch TV outside would know I am being facetious.)

Who’s willing to take the bet that the NFL and the stadium concessions will be selling hot dogs and beer at the same prices as they will be selling inside the stadium? Anyone? And you better not even think of dragging out your grill and cooking up some of your own brats. After all, tailgating is a bad thing at the Super Bowl.

There are two things at work here.

1) The NFL is selling the opportunity for fans to tell a story later to try and impress friends and family. I am sure the “Party Plaza” tickets will look very similar to the real Super Bowl tickets and the only people that can tell them apart will be the ticket takers and their hand held bar code scanners. So when someone who can’t get a real ticket wants to tell the story they were at the Super Bowl, they can pull out their ticket and prove to everyone they were there. No one really needs to know that you were loitering outside the stadium watching the same TV broadcast everyone else was watching at their house. It’s the story that matters and the NFL is banking that people will think that particular story is worth $200.
2) By doing this, the NFL is blatantly trying to break the attendance record for a Super Bowl. The current record is 103,985, set in 1980 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., where the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV. That record is legitimate because the Rose Bowl does seat over 100,000 people. Cowboys Stadium will expand its capacity to around 93,000 just for the Super Bowl. By selling these party plaza passes, the NFL is throwing a bone to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has made it no secret he wants the record to be broken this year in his building. Or should I say he wants the record inside and outside his building?

Nice going NFL. By artificially inflating the attendance numbers you are losing more and more credibility. Here’s another idea. Why not make the security people, concession servers, elevator operators, janitors, trainers, equipment managers and parking attendants all count towards the total attendance too? That way you’ll set the mark so high it will never be broken. It will be the Joe DiMaggio unbreakable 56 game hitting streak record for Super Bowl attendance.

This has got to be the dumbest idea of all time. Then again, if you are one of those people that has more money than brains, go ahead and pay your $200 to stand on grass and watch it on TV while the rest of us slam chicken wings and nachos while watching it on our big screen. And hey, I will try not be too jealous when you show me your Super Bowl XLV scarf.

The Madden Curse for Drew Brees

Posted by Foster On May - 31 - 2010

For the last several years we’ve hooked up our xBox at the tailgate and played the upcoming game on the TV screen before the game is actually played in the stadium.  Every year we look forward to finding out who graces the EA Sports cover of Madden NFL and NCAA football.

In 2010, the Saints brought hope to downtrodden sports franchises everywhere.

But did you hear the news?  For Madden 2011 Drew Brees is on the cover.

Saints fans just remember when the game comes out and you buy your copy, the season is already over.  The Madden Curse lives on in New Orleans this year.

The Curse started with Madden 2000 when EA Sports agreed to a license with the NFL Players Association and decided that it would be a great idea to put Barry Sanders in the background of the standard John Madden photo.  Inexplicably, before he even played a game that season, Sanders retired from football.  He never played again.

Whoa New Orleans . . . a city that already believes in the supernatural… a city that has more voodoo shops per capita than any place in the world… now has to deal with the curses of all curses. The SI Jinx has nothing on what Madden brings.

Check out this partial list:

  • In 2004 Michael Vick landed on the cover of Madden.  One day after the video game hit retail shelves he broke his right fibula in a preseason game.  He didn’t play that year.  Several years later, he landed in jail for dog fighting.
  • In 2008 Vince Young, coming off an all-pro season, missed the first games of his LIFE due to injury.  The first game ever—junior high, high school, college or pro. The next year, the Texas Longhorn standout, ended up on  Coach Jeff Fisher’s bench as well as his suicide watch list.
  • In 2009 Brett Favre graced the cover as a Packer.  He never played another down with Green Bay, as he ended up playing for the Jets.  We know the drama that happened then and still continues through to today.

The city had to see it coming when they set up the online voting in February . . . it wasn’t enough that Brees could win, it’s that EA Sports stacked the deck so heavily in his favor.   Fans could  vote for either Reggie Wayne, Jared Hamilton or Brees.  Really, who else could win?  This was pre-ordained.  If Saints fans would have known about the curse they would have voted for “Other” by the thousands.

But they didn’t.  So Saints fans, enjoy the Super Bowl and the associated glory. There just isn’t any chance of back-to-back Super Bowl action here.  In fact, none of the superstars featured on the cover of EA Sports have ever gone on to win another Super Bowl.  That’s right no one who has ever appeared on the cover has subsequently won the big game again.

You look at the window they climbed through last year and it makes sense that they might have peaked.  Once you’re at the pinnacle there’s truly nowhere else to go but down.

And the fates were pretty gracious to the team.  First, a first round bye after losing the last three games of the year.  Then a lay down game against the Cardinals and a follow-up against the Vikings that they should have lost—save for Brett Farve throwing another season-ending interception.

After the interception in the NFC Championship they choose wisely during the overtime flip of the coin.  So wisely in fact, that the NFL subsequently changed their entire playoff overtime rules.  Only then did a relatively unheard of kicker nail a 40-yard field goal that was put into place by a once in a century pass interference call.  A little good karma to say the least.

During the Super Bowl it took an onside kick and a Manning pick to steal the win.

And know this, I want the Saints to win as much or more than any team.  This isn’t an ominous curse in a “glad this is happening kind of way to an evil franchise” like one might have felt for the Bad Boy Pistons of the early 90’s.  This is much more “uh-oh hate to see bad things happen to a franchise that’s been through so much” like when the ball rolled through Billy Buckner’s legs.

My dad has season tickets and we’ve gone to a Saints game each year for the last decade or so.  There’s greatness at the Superdome, so it’s with great sadness that I acknowledge that bad things are headed the Saints way.   I grew up in Biloxi watching Archie Manning, Chuck Muncie and Wes Chandler.  Saints fans, there’s lots of love here.

For the first time ever though, EA Sports is taking the city under its wing, too.  Check out this logo.

Could the Madden curse really extend to a city though? I’m sorry NOLA, but the answer is YES and it’s already started.

Is it coincidence that bad things have happened so quickly?  Not to Brees per se . . . YET, but the city and region are already taking hits.

The BP Oil Spill is wreaking havoc on New Orleans and the Louisiana coast.  The disaster now trumps the Exxon Valdez as the worst oil spill EVER and its legacy will be felt years from now—if they can even get the problem solved.  I don’t mean to make a light of a terrible tragedy, but the Madden cover announcement and the oil spill happened within hours of each other.

It’s worth considering though and either way we’ve watched 40+ days of an oil spill that’s been like watching another hurricane hit a region that already knows way too much about hurricanes.

Then approximately 10 days after the Madden cover announcement, Geoffery Santini, a former Saints Security Director filed a lawsuit against head coach Sean Payton.  The suit alleges that the Saints tried to cover-up Payton’s theft of Vicodin and other pain killers from the Saints medical offices.  Mr. Santini issued notice that he would file the lawsuit in September of last year, but it took a Madden cover to get the ball and the legal proceedings rolling.

I’m just saying . . . that’s two national level and noteworthy news events and we’re just turning the corner into June.

New Orleans is a great town. Bourbon Street is one of the best tailgate locations in the world and Drew Brees is a great quarterback and leader of the city.  However, now that Brees is on the cover of Madden 2011 he AND the city of New Orleans should be on the lookout.

The game will hit store shelves on August 10, 2010.

You can read other posts by Foster “Jim” Flint by clicking here.

Weekend Wrap-Up #92: Ultimate Snack Food Stadium Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 7 - 2010

Last year prior to the Super Bowl we deviated from the normal eye candy we post up here and brought you the ultimate Snack Food Stadium. Well, someone obviously had to pull the one-upper. Leave it to the guys at Break.com to come up with something bigger and better. In my book, this one is a bit better than the original because this one includes a parking lot complete with snack food tailgaters. Links follow the artery clogging video of awesomeness.

The Big Game Snack Food Stadium – Watch more free videos

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