super bowl

  • The Madden Curse for Drew Brees

    For the last several years we’ve hooked up our xBox at the tailgate and played the upcoming game on the TV screen before the game is actually played in the stadium.  Every year we look forward to finding out who graces the EA Sports cover of Madden NFL and NCAA football. In 2010, the Saints… Read more »

  • The NFL Can Be Beaten

    The NFL claimed it owned the copyright on the phrase “Who Dat”. New Orleans fans had a different opinion.

  • Register For Super ‘Gate III & Get Special Discount

    By now you are probably pretty well aware that the NFL has banned tailgating at the Super Bowl. They claim they haven’t banned it but when the NFL outlawed open flames/grilling and any type of pop-up tents, they essentially told tailgaters to take a hike. Two years ago Jay “the Tailgate Guy” DiEugenio came up… Read more »