SI Tour Guy

  • Video: A Poor Man’s SI Tour Guy

    During the college football season you probably recall a number of videos appearing on here featuring Dan Rubenstein, the SI Tour Guy. You know the guy that travels around the country to different college campuses each week and basically makes fun of the local tailgaters. It looks like a guy by the name of Jonathan… Read more »

  • Video: The Best Of The SI Tour Guy 2008

    All season long we have been bringing you the videos of SI Tour Guy, Dan Rubenstein. Here is the highlight reel of the best stuff he was able to get out of the all the tailgaters he encountered this college football season. Heavy dose of hot co-eds in sundresses and drunken morons that think their… Read more »

  • Video: SI Tour Guy in Corvallis, Oregon

    After taking last week off (what’s up with that BS Dan?) the SI Tour Guy, Dan Rubenstein, was in the Pacific Northwest tailgating the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State. Wasn’t much a game but the tailgating looked fun.

  • Video: SI Tour Guy in Blacksburg, Virginia

    Dan Rubenstein, the SI Tour Guy, is back at it, this time in Blacksburg, Virginia for a little Virginia Tech tailgating. Wonder if our writer, Nick Jancaitis, was interviewed but his comments made their way to the cutting room floor.