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Video: Rutgers Tailgate Party 2011

Posted by Dave On February - 20 - 2012

We know that the tailgating down in the SEC gets a lot of attention and respect. We also know that the other conferences can bring it just as hard in the tailgating parking lots. We found this video of some footage from a Rutgers tailgate party last season and undoubtedly the kids at Rutgers can throw it down.

The Meaning Of A Tailgate

Posted by Peter On February - 28 - 2011

This is a guest post from Pete Tverdov. Pete is a fanatical tailgater for Rutgers football games and he and his friend have a growing crew of tailgate members thanks to their tricked out tailgate bus. (The bus even has its own Facebook Fan Page.) Pete is hoping to come on board as a regular contributor to the writing staff of TailgatingIdeas.com.

Rutgers Tailgating Bus

With football season hibernating it seems appropriate to look beyond the surface of a tailgate.

People who tailgate generally see the exterior of the set up and enjoy the moment. The grill. The beer. The food. Cameras snapping, fans yapping, music blaring and girls staring. Okay, maybe not the last one. What makes it special though? What is beyond the surface of our fun?

There isn’t anything more a part of American culture than tailgating before a football game. The great thing about it is that there is a unique twist from every part of the country. LSU has their Cajun cuisine, cooking bratwurst at Wisconsin, ordering a fat sandwich at Rutgers or “sailgating” at the University of Washington. The foods and cultures of those particular regions come out and shine on Saturday’s in autumn.

There are a lot of different tailgating levels. One level would be your college level of binge drinking and a DJ booth – no food necessary. The secondary level is achieved once people are out of school, snapping them out of there cubicle warped lives and allowing them to feel good again. The last level would be a reunion of friends and family who only see each other in autumn and gather around for several “family reunions” per year.

For all the different areas of the country and levels of tailgating one finds themselves in, one thing is agreeable; It’s a great way to have an outdoor party hours before a football game. We know that our local culture is sewn into the tailgate. We know what our age and maturity levels are molded in as well. The best thing of all is that our pride shines and memories are made each and every weekend.

Tailgating makes one proud to be an Iowa State Cyclone or an Arizona Wildcat. A culture, age and style are represented. It all strengthens our bond with our family, state and team. It’s more than just food. It’s more than just drinks. It’s a lifestyle of fun and pride that we represent a few months out of the year. Sip on that thought the next time you’re slurping a cold one.

Tailgate Camp

Posted by Dave On October - 19 - 2010

Tailgate Camp LogoYou may recall that during the spring we introduced you to Tailgate Wiki, an online resource full of user generated information on stadiums and parking lots across the country. Tailgate Wiki is designed to inform those tailgaters of the ins and outs of tailgating at that particular location all with information updates generated by the tailgaters from that area. With the launch of Tailgate Wiki comes another cool tailgating resource called Tailgate Camp.

Based on the same format and structure as Tailgate Wiki, Tailgate Camp is not about stadiums and parking lots but rather the tailgaters themselves. When using Tailgate Camp (which is free by the way) tailgaters can create their own tailgating group profile, add photos, publicize tailgating menus, set up a rally/meeting spot and even disclose to others what to expect if they should encounter your tailgating group. And Tailgate Camp is not just for those tailgaters who tailgate with a large group. Tailgate Camp is open to all kinds of tailgaters from 100+ member alumni groups all the way down to a husband and wife team who likes to tailgate by themselves. In addition to all of that, Tailgate Camp gives your tailgating group its own, easy to remember sub-domain for ease of sharing with others. Take a look at the RU Faithful group, a tailgating group supporting the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, to get an idea of a well populated Tailgate Camp team page.

To get your own tailgating team profile page at Tailgate Camp all you need to do is create a user name and password and you are ready to go. Once you are registered you can create your tailgating crew’s page, add photos, etc. It’s your own custom tailgating team’s page. The power of Tailgate Camp comes from it’s easy-to-use interface allowing non-technical folks to manage their own tailgating group page.

To get started, visit: tailgatecamp.com

Rutgers Tailgating Grill

Posted by Dave On August - 26 - 2010

Since customizing the first Margaritaville Tailgating Grill to San Diego Chargers colors less than a year ago, (that grill is for sale if you are interested) we have done a number of others since. Between NFL and NCAA teams, we even did a killer New York Yankess Tailgating Grill, we have probably customized about 10 of these grills. Add to that list this recently completed Rutgers Scarlet Knights Tailgating Grill. Click the images to take a closer look:

Finding the center logo “R” was rather tough and required a little more intensive internet searching and involved a few phone calls too. Apparently the manufacturer of the normal oval logo emblems we have used in the past does not consider Rutgers to be a big enough school to mass produce them. So with some creativity we found the chrome version and it played well with the black background.

Keep your eyes open in the next couple of days because we will be sharing more photos of another grill we have been working on and customizing. Here’s a hint: Those purple loving people that live in the “Little Apple” are going to love it.

If you are in the market for a new grill before football season starts and would like to know if we can customize one for you, visit our tailgating gear store and check out the other custom tailgating grills we have done in the past.

Weekend Wrap-Up #101: Concert Dude vs Flip-Flops Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 26 - 2010

This video has been making it way across the internet the past couple of days so we might as well share it as well. This guy is Exhibit A as to why I wear tennis shoes to go tailgating. Also, it makes me thankful that I went to college in an era that was free of cell phones, flip video cameras and any other “amateur paparazzi” devices. If that were the case, YouTube would need a host of dedicated servers just to handle video proof of all the stupid things I did back then. Links follow the video:

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