Rutgers tailgating

  • Video: Rutgers Tailgate Party 2011

    We know that the tailgating down in the SEC gets a lot of attention and respect. We also know that the other conferences can bring it just as hard in the tailgating parking lots. We found this video of some footage from a Rutgers tailgate party last season and undoubtedly the kids at Rutgers can… Read more »

  • The Meaning Of A Tailgate

    This is a guest post from Pete Tverdov. Pete is a fanatical tailgater for Rutgers football games and he and his friend have a growing crew of tailgate members thanks to their tricked out tailgate bus. (The bus even has its own Facebook Fan Page.) Pete is hoping to come on board as a regular… Read more »

  • Tailgate Camp

    You may recall that during the spring we introduced you to Tailgate Wiki, an online resource full of user generated information on stadiums and parking lots across the country. Tailgate Wiki is designed to inform those tailgaters of the ins and outs of tailgating at that particular location all with information updates generated by the… Read more »

  • Rutgers Tailgating Grill

    Since customizing the first Margaritaville Tailgating Grill to San Diego Chargers colors less than a year ago, (that grill is for sale if you are interested) we have done a number of others since. Between NFL and NCAA teams, we even did a killer New York Yankess Tailgating Grill, we have probably customized about 10… Read more »