Reality TV

  • Mailbag: Much More Than a Game Seeks Tailgaters

    A few days ago we received an email from a gentleman by the name of Brooking Stapleton from a television production company called Sportsbrand Media Group. He was looking to get in touch with Kenny Johnson, a.k.a. Pinto Ron, considered to be the Buffalo Bills biggest fan. (Back in September 2010 we did a post… Read more »

  • Cooking Channel Seeks Food Enthusiasts

    No matter what aspect about tailgating that you enjoy the most, we can all agree that if food is lacking at your tailgate it really doesn’t qualify as a tailgate in the first place. Because we as a tailgating nation are so passionate about the foods we bring to the parking lot or grill up… Read more »

  • TV Show Seeks RV Customization Teams

    I got an email from a guy named Zig Gauthier earlier today. Apparently he is looking to cast RV customization teams/companies/crews to appear on a new TV show. Take a look at his email and see if you might be interested. His email to me: Please allow me to introduce myself. I am currently casting… Read more »

  • Top Chef Masters Tailgate Challenge Airs Wednesday

    It seems as though many of the reality cooking and chef challenge shows always have some sort of tailgating challenge as part of the journey. Top Chef Masters on Bravo is no different. Scheduled to air tomorrow is the Top Chef Masters tailgate challenge filmed prior to the Stanford vs. USC game last season. The… Read more »