Qualcomm Stadium

  • Stop Getting Screwed Inside The Stadium

    Joe Cahn, the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating likes to call tailgating “the last great American neighborhood”. What he means is that, while tailgating people are very friendly and will let complete strangers borrow a bottle of ketchup. This “neighborhood” in the parking lot harkens back to a time in America where no one locked their… Read more »

  • Tailgate Beer In Cans

    Over a year ago our designated beer review, Mike “the Beer Guy”, did a review on Jay’s Blacktop Blonde. That particular beer was the latest brew to come out of San Diego based craft brewery TailGate Beer. Blacktop Blonde received a good review from us here at TailgatingIdeas.com but as with most craft brews, they… Read more »

  • Tailgate Wiki: Wikipedia of Tailgating

    When you want to watch your team on the road, naturally you want to tailgate prior to the game. The problem with that is every stadium has different rules, different parking fees, different gate opening times and different items are prohibited. It would be great if you had a friend in every city that was… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #93: Viral Video Edition

    Upon hearing the term “viral video” years ago I immediately assumed it was video content that would spread malicious computer viruses that would hack my bank accounts. Trust me, as a victim of the Happy 99 worm virus over 10 years ago, I am always skeptical when it comes to anything that remotely sounds like… Read more »

  • Tailgating Tips From NationalTailgate.com

    Image via Wikipedia College football season started last weekend and the NFL opens its season on Thursday. For the past month leading up to tailgating season, the guys over at NationalTailgate.com had been revealing their list of  tailgating tips on Twitter. Each day they would reveal two or three tips that will make your tailgating… Read more »