propane exchange

  • Tailgater Strap

    Many tailgaters choose propane to power their grills. For those that choose to use 20 or even 30 lb. propane tanks, transporting them can be a real hassle. Whether they are full or empty, propane tanks sliding around in the back of your truck or SUV can be really dangerous. Most people will use bungee… Read more »

  • Propane Refill Class Action Lawsuit

    Last month we told you that you shouldn’t be taking your propane tanks to one of those propane exchange places. It is believed that by doing that you could be getting a propane tank that is not 100% filled. (If you want the full details check out our post: Don’t Get Cheated! Refill Instead of… Read more »

  • Customize Your Propane Tanks

    By now you have probably seen the video on how you can customize a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill into a grill with your own team colors. All it took was a few cans of spray paint, masking tape, screw drivers and an afternoon and I had customized the grill to a San Diego Chargers themed tailgating… Read more »