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  • TurboChill

    A few weeks ago we were out at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas. While there we discovered a lot of new tailgating gear and games and basically a lot of really cool stuff. One very cool (literally and figuratively) piece of gear we found out there was the TurboChill. What this… Read more »

  • MailBag: Clarification on Party-A-CarGo

    Apparently the guys over at Party-A-CarGo caught wind that we wrote an article about their tow hitch kegerator/entertainment unit. (If you are new here and don’t know what the hell I am talking about, read the Tow Hitch Mounted Kegerator article and watch the YouTube video to get up to speed.) A few days ago… Read more »

  • Tow Hitch Mounted Kegerator

    Creative tailgaters are always looking for a new way to utilize their tow hitch for their next tailgate party. I’ve seen The Freedom Grill, which is a swing out grill that attaches to your trailer hitch. I’ve seen tables and sun umbrellas that attach to your vehicle via the tow hitch. I have even seen… Read more »