Point Pong

  • WindBall

    Now that the leaves are starting to change and the weather can get somewhat inclement, the added wind gusts can play havoc on your beer pong game. The same folks that thought up MegaPongo have introduced the Windball, designed specifically for beer pong played outdoors. The WindBall is a 40mm soft PVC ball that is… Read more »

  • Pong Islands

    As the years go by, it seems as though the game of beer pong is evolving and is changing quite rapidly to meet the insatiable demand for new ways to play the game. Other tailgating games like cornhole and washers have remained pretty stagnant in developing new ways to play those games but beer pong… Read more »

  • Point Pong

    We’ve been blogging about tailgating since 2007 and we have seen trends within the industry come and go. One aspect of tailgating that continues to grow is the increase in popularity in the game of beer pong. Not only are more people playing it in the tailgate lots but more and more manufacturers and companies… Read more »