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Video: Tailgating Eagles Fans Destroy Tony Romo Dummy

Posted by Dave On September - 29 - 2015

Nothing brings fans together like tailgating and mutual hate of a rival’s star quarterback. Why not combine the two at a recent Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party?

WARNING: Strong language can be heard on the video so make sure to put your headphones on or turn down the volume. Or don’t watch at all if curse words offend you.

If you notice at the 7:20 mark, you’ll spot a woman holding a Philadelphia Eagles Helmet Mug

Tailgating the Wing Bowl

Posted by Rob On February - 11 - 2013

Wingettes Wing Bowl 2013

Super Bowl weekend in Philadelphia usually means one thing – drinking beer at 6 AM with 20,000 of your closest friends. While we would love for this to be in preparation for the Eagles march to an NFL Championship, in reality we are drowning the sorrows of another disappointing season at the most Philadelphian of events – the Wing Bowl.

The Wing Bowl – Philadelphia’s premier chicken wing eating contest – has been going strong for 21 years. After countless seasons of middling teams and disappointing playoff losses, the local sports radio station decided to take matters into their own hands and ensure that the die-hard Eagles fans would have something to celebrate every February. While we would love to be cheering our beloved football team to victory, we gladly settle for cheering for a bunch of fat guys to puke from eating too many chicken wings at 8 AM.

Wing Bowl 2013The actual format of the Wing Bowl is very straightforward – each contestant comes out on a float and takes their place on the stage, and then a three-round eating contest begins. (This year, the winner ate 287 wings, in case you are interested.) It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the beauty of Wing Bowl lies in the subtleties. Like the fact that local strip clubs sponsor the contestants, and each float usually has a handful of “Wingettes” provided by said strip clubs. Also, beer sales begin at 6 AM.

Another impressive aspect of Wing Bowl is the handiwork of the JumboTron cameraman. He seems to have a sixth sense for knowing which girls in the stands (for some reason there is a large contingent of normal women who attend this event) will be willing to flash the crowd, and for just how long he can remain focused on them before it becomes creepy.

The event is held at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers. There are bars and parking lots surrounding the area, and plenty of public transportation. It is an interesting sight to see the parking lots as full as if the Eagles or Phillies had a game, but there is a reason for that. It is a big mistake to try to attend Wing Bowl sober. (I really think you have a better chance of puking if you are sober. Some things just can’t be unseen.) This is really the key to Wing Bowl. If you want to have a nice buzz on for a 6 AM eating contest, you are going to have to get up a lot earlier than that in order to start tailgating. Lots of people are up by 3, and many never go to bed the night before. It lends the event a certain type of camaraderie. Who would want to be standing in the freezing February cold, nursing a Bud Light at 4 in the morning, in order to see a bunch of grown men eat large amounts of meat? Great guys, that’s who!

Wing Bowl 2013I think that reasoning really allows everyone to get along, and the entire event turns into one giant tailgate. It’s like someone left the doors to the Wells Fargo Center unlocked, and a bunch of die-hard fans just stormed in. The orderliness you experience at a typical basketball game is gone. People are running across aisles, high-fiving strangers, and just getting along great. Except for that one guy from Dallas. Nobody liked him.

In talking with people to try to figure out why they would get up so early to drink, nobody had a really good answer. It is just a fun thing to do. But while people were lacking in answers for why they came, it certainly didn’t stop them from coming. The Wing Bowl has been growing every year. I attended back in 2001 and my friends and I just showed up the morning of and walked right in. The event was free and no tickets were required. This year, the event was sold out weeks in advance, and I paid $45 for my ticket.

I think the reason it has grown so much over the years is pretty simple – guys love taking off work and getting drunk early in the morning. The parade of scantily clad women doesn’t hurt either.

And the strip clubs offer a free breakfast afterwards, which is nice.

Burger Pocket Press

Video: Tailgate Lot Lap Dance

Posted by Dave On June - 9 - 2010

I’ve seen my fair share of crazy stuff while out tailgating. I’ve seen blenders powered by chainsaw motors. I’ve even seen portable stripper poles. But not until now had I seen Philadelphia baseball tailgater girl giving out free lap dances to a guy in personal mobility scooters. You’re welcome America.

More Than Just Paper Pushers

Posted by Chris On November - 13 - 2009

Just like an apple a day will keep the doctor away, a beer of two will kill the flu germs…right?!?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I am home sick with the flu.  Following the above advice I am drinking a Bud and the fever has me again thinking about people who deserve the tailgate spotlight, yet unfortunately never get it.

Yes this time I am talking about you Ms. (or maybe it’s Mrs.) Gentleman’s Club Exotic Dancer / Parking Lot Navigator / Free Pass Giver.

It could just be in Philadelphia (and no I am not complaining), but pregame tailgates in the Lot bring out a lot of exotic dancers distributing free passes to the gentleman’s club following the game.  Or if the home team sucks, during the game!

You know the girls, despite the freezing cold outside, they give us tailgaters free eye candy as they walk around the lot in next-to-nothing.  And of course in the most colorful and highest of high heels.

Without the presence of these women, the drunks would have no one to try their worst pick-up lines on.  Without these women and their club passes, the lot and surrounding streets would be littered with only beer bottles.

These women allow dads to give the “birds and the bees” conversation to sons in the comfort of a parking lot.  These women create that awkward moment of silence for dads as their eyes go from the high heels to their innocent little daughter… good luck with that one dad!

Even in the confines of the Lot, these women can bring forth the death stare from a significant other for wandering eyes or screams of trouble from her on laundry day as your pockets are emptied.

Yes without these ladies a man’s tailgate just wouldn’t be complete.  You would be forced to go home after the game.  Your tailgate pictures would be of only people you know and way too may guys.  Your beer muscles with women would go unused.  Your leftover beer money would go unspent.  Your eyes would have been looking at only grown men in tights all day.

So for all these reasons and so many more we salute you Ms. (or maybe it’s Mrs.) Gentleman’s Club Exotic Dancer / Parking Lot Navigator / Free Pass Giver.


Weekend Wrap-Up #82: Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 12 - 2009

We are already knee-deep into October and by now you have probably figured it out that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We here at TailgatingIdeas.com are big fans of healthy breasts. Don’t believe us? One look at the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #52: Denise Milani Edition and you’ll know just exactly how big of fans we really are. So in honor of that we thought it would be great to join the breast cancer awareness bandwagon with this video. Links follow the video.

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