Philadelphia Eagles

  • Sort of Like Cheers, but Better”>everybody

    What is the color of jealousy?  Whatever it is go ahead and color me that color because this NFL tailgater is REALLY jealous! The jealousy has a bit of anger mixed in as well, with the anger being directed at the NFL schedule makers.  The Eagles start this season with two road games.  Sure winning… Read more »

  • Off Topic Video: Vick’s Voodoo Doll

    Sometimes we do stuff on here that is not tailgating related. This is one of those times. This falls into that category of “irreverent humor” we warned you about. It also might explain why Donovan McNabb has been sidelined with a strange rib injury.

  • Weekend Wrap #73: NFL Training Camps Open Edition

    Let’s all face the facts here. Tailgating for baseball and summer concerts is fun but when you think of “tailgating” in the traditional sense of the word, what sport comes to mind? Football. Now I know there is a great debate on whether college or pro football tailgaters do it better than the other guys… Read more »