• Park It Here”>Billy

    It seems so obvious, but it just dawned on this tailgater last week.  The outcome of your tailgate or how much fun you are going to have is most likely determined before you even break out your food, adult beverages, and gear.  Yep, all of your tailgating preparation could be all for naught if you… Read more »

  • Tailgate Party Planning Ahead

    When tailgating we all want to relax and have a good time. That’s the point, right? Might we suggest a few tailgating ideas to make your tailgate party a lot better before, during and after? Once you are there you need to take some precautions to ensure a fun and smooth tailgating experience. A little… Read more »

  • Location, Location, Location

    Image via WikipediaSo you are planning on tailgating the game. You’ve got the basics; grill (see our comparison if you should go charcoal or gas), table, chairs, food, drinks, music, etc. But now what? What happens when you get the stadium? Is it just as simple as pulling into a parking stall and starting the… Read more »