NFL tailgating

  • SloshSpot’s Guide to NFL Tailgating

    Now that the 2008 NFL season is upon us, the blogoshpere can not resist compiling lists and ranking anything under the sun. Sloshspot enlisted a good friend of mine, Nick Cobb, to rank all 32 NFL teams in regard to the overall tailgating experience. Nick grew up in Alabama and now calls Texas his home…. Read more »

  • Hey NFL! Can You Hear Me Now?

    After a little bit of a slow start, it seems that the Super Bowl Tailgating Petition is gaining some legs. Apparently one of the signees has taken it upon himself to contact a few members of the sports media and has promoted the petition to anyone who will listen. Who was listening? Apparently the NFL… Read more »

  • Ranking All 32 NFL Teams For Tailgating

    Earlier this month Sports Illustrated rated the game day atmosphere for all 32 NFL franchises using a litany of criteria to determine the best experience in the National Football League. SI graded each team and its city based on seven criteria; ticket prices and availability, food and souvenirs, stadium accessibility, the team’s 2007 performance, the… Read more »