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TailgatingIdeas.com is getting bigger by the day and some of our friends out in Phoenix were kind enough to help promote us this past Sunday. Tailgating prior to the Arizona Cardinals crushing the Miami Dolphins, these friends of TailgatingIdeas.com were spotted playing a little beer pong on their brand new Port-O-Pong beer pong table. Check out some of the photos they snapped while tailgating and playing beer pong.


Want your tailgate featured on TailgatingIdeas.com? Make a sign or banner that says TailgatingIdeas.com, put it somewhere prominently around your tailgating space, snap a few photos and email them in. You could be the next featured tailgater on TailgatingIdeas.com.

SloshSpot’s Guide to NFL Tailgating

Posted by Dave On September - 5 - 2008

Oakland raiders tailgatersNow that the 2008 NFL season is upon us, the blogoshpere can not resist compiling lists and ranking anything under the sun. Sloshspot enlisted a good friend of mine, Nick Cobb, to rank all 32 NFL teams in regard to the overall tailgating experience. Nick grew up in Alabama and now calls Texas his home. Between those two states you can imagine he has seen a tailgate party or two in his lifetime.  I am sure there will be a few of you reading this that will disagree with his rankings and have your reasons why your team and city deserves to be ranked higher. The top five according to Nick and Sloshspot are:

  1. Kansas City
  2. Green Bay
  3. Buffalo
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Oakland

Read the rest of the rankings and see where your team was ranked at SloshSpot.com.

Hey NFL! Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted by Dave On January - 23 - 2008

Joe Horn Cell PhoneAfter a little bit of a slow start, it seems that the Super Bowl Tailgating Petition is gaining some legs. Apparently one of the signees has taken it upon himself to contact a few members of the sports media and has promoted the petition to anyone who will listen. Who was listening? Apparently the NFL league offices caught wind of it and sent me an email about the petition. It was from Brain McCarthy, the NFL director of corporate communications. Whenever you get an email in your inbox that has @nfl.com on the end of it, you’d probably open that one up first too. Here is what it said: Read the rest of this entry »

Ranking All 32 NFL Teams For Tailgating

Posted by Dave On November - 19 - 2007

crazy-tailgating.jpgEarlier this month Sports Illustrated rated the game day atmosphere for all 32 NFL franchises using a litany of criteria to determine the best experience in the National Football League. SI graded each team and its city based on seven criteria; ticket prices and availability, food and souvenirs, stadium accessibility, the team’s 2007 performance, the neighborhood of the stadium, overall stadium atmosphere and of course tailgating. Each category was judged on a scale of one to 10. Based on the above mentioned criteria, The Green Bay Packers graded out on top racking up a final score of 54 out of a possible 70. That’s all well and good but we here at TailgatingIdeas.com only care about the tailgating experience. Hard core tailgaters don’t mind if their team is not doing so well or the costs of a souvenir inside the stadium. True tailgaters care about three things: parking costs, stadium accessibility and the overall tailgating atmosphere. We have taken the time to reevaluate the rankings and have tossed out the meaningless criteria that does not apply to the tailgater. With a maximum score of 20 available, will Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers still come out on top? The results may surprise you.
Read the rest of this entry »





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