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Just a week ago, the football world had all eyes on New York City for the 2010 NFL Draft. This year’s crop of rookies set to make millions in the blink of an eye will undoubtedly have a few that flame out of the league amongst those whose names were called on the first day. Thanks to Playboy Magazine for compiling this video montage of the biggest NFL busts interspersed with videos of Playmates with huge racks. Well played guys. See how many NFL Draft busts you can recognize in the video. You may need to watch it a few times back-to-back to ensure, you know, you spotted them all. Links to follow:

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Weekend Wrap-Up #101: Concert Dude vs Flip-Flops Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 26 - 2010

This video has been making it way across the internet the past couple of days so we might as well share it as well. This guy is Exhibit A as to why I wear tennis shoes to go tailgating. Also, it makes me thankful that I went to college in an era that was free of cell phones, flip video cameras and any other “amateur paparazzi” devices. If that were the case, YouTube would need a host of dedicated servers just to handle video proof of all the stupid things I did back then. Links follow the video:

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #86: Jessica Burciaga Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 22 - 2010

Today is Earth Day. Please reduce, reuse and recycle. Also, make sure you you check out Go Green Tailgate packs for a better way to tailgate eco-friendly. Now that we have that out of the way, today is also one of my favorite days of the year. The NFL Draft. The NFL has decided to mix things up a bit this year holding the first round of the draft on Thursday night in prime time. In years past the draft was Saturday and Sunday. But with the NFL being the 800-pound gorilla in the sporting universe and TV driving the bus on many decisions, they changed it because the draft has evolved into a TV event. No matter what they do to the NFL Draft, I love it none the less.

Forget the slogan “Hope and Change” that Obama paraded in front of the electorate in 2008. The NFL Draft encompasses Hope and Change for football fans. The hope comes into play that we all hope that our teams pick the player we think would be a good fit. If they don’t, we hope we are wrong and hope that the General Manager knows more than we do. The change comes in the form of these new players represent the future of the franchise. No NFL franchise opens a new season with the exact same players that were on the team the previous season. Free agency, players retiring, players get traded and cut all ensure that new players will make the new team. It is that constant turnover and change that makes NFL fans hopeful this will be their year. So with that in mind, why not offer up Jessica Burciaga in a Chicago Bears jersey to provide a little hope that your teams’ changes will be all good. Links to follow:

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Philly Tailgating Is Hands Down The Best

Posted by Rob On May - 3 - 2009

Philadelphia has the best tailgating in the country.

There, I said it. Now, I am open to hearing arguments for why your city has the best tailgating, but first just hear me out. Because Philly really is the best.

For starters, we have some of the most passionate and die-hard fans in the world. You have no idea how many green school buses and RVs there are driving around this city. Blue collar fans will scrimp and save all year on non-essentials – things like food, clothing, and proper shelter – in order to pay for their season tickets. If you’re going to make the claim that you have the best tailgate, you better make sure you have a strong fan base – that is your glue.

It’s not only the local sports teams that we are fiercely loyal to, either. Just ask Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel. Their numbers are hanging from the rafters of the Wachovia Center! They always seem to put on a great show when they come to town. Even non-local acts love playing in Philly. Artists like Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead have put on some of their most legendary shows at the Spectrum,which brings me to my next point – the facilities.

Nobody wants to plan a great tailgate and then go sit in some rundown arena. Between Citizen’s Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, and the Wachovia Center, we have some of the best venues for a ballgame or concert. And the Spectrum may be a little old and decrepit, but the history alone makes that building unique, and it is still one of the greatest places to see a concert.

Not only are these great facilities on their own, but what makes them really stand out is the location. The Big 4, as I am calling the above-mentioned stadiums and arenas, are all located in the same massive parking lot, or “adult playground” as I like to call it. This allows for very unique tailgating experiences.

For example, last year I went to the Eagles-Falcons game at the Linc. The Eagles fans, like always, were out in full force: grills, games, kegs, motorized coolers – the works. After the game ended, the tailgate picked up right where it left off, except this time the parking lot now looked like the day before Christmas. Bright red hats, jackets, and jerseys were now interspersed amongst all that Eagles green. Yup, the Phillies were playing game 4 of the World Series right across the street. And lots of fans were taking advantage of that – seeing our Eagles beat up on the Falcons Sunday afternoon, going back to the car, having a few more beers and hot dogs, and then just walking over to see the Phils win a World Series game against the Rays that night.

Another example was last weekend. I came down to tailgate the Kings of Leon concert, which was being held at the Spectrum. As I expected, the Orange and Black legion of Flyers fans was out, getting ready for their 3:00 PM playoff game against the Penguins at the Wachovia Center. What I did not see coming was the swarms of Eagles fans hanging out tailgating the NFL draft. That’s right. The doors of the Linc opened up for a draft screening, and the Eagles fans were down there bright and early tailgating that. Which means there were thousands of people all hanging out in the parking lot on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, getting ready for a concert, a playoff game, and a draft. Gotta love the diversity.

Between the hard-core fans, world-class venues, and convenient location, I have to say Philly is the heart of the tailgating universe. Care to disagree? Please, state your case below.


Weekend Wrap #60: Pre-Draft Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 19 - 2009

news_wrap.jpgThis weekend was just a warm-up for one of my favorite weekends in all of sports. That weekend is NFL Draft. Call me crazy but I love everything about the NFL Draft. Trying to predict what players and positions each team will select is fun for me. Second guessing which player was a good fit for the particular team that drafted him is fun for me. Hoping and praying that a particular player I think would make a great fit for my team is still there when they draft is part of the excitement. So with that said, fire up the grills and do a little “home tailgating” this coming weekend. You know I will. On with this week’s links.





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