New York Jets

  • Sort of Like Cheers, but Better”>everybody

    What is the color of jealousy?  Whatever it is go ahead and color me that color because this NFL tailgater is REALLY jealous! The jealousy has a bit of anger mixed in as well, with the anger being directed at the NFL schedule makers.  The Eagles start this season with two road games.  Sure winning… Read more »

  • NY Jets Grill

    We’ve posting photo galleries of Margaritaville Tailgating Grills getting customized to team inspired colors and themes for a while now. Some of them are grills we have customized and others have been submitted by the readers of this tailgating blog. Here is a great example of a customized Margaritaville Tailgating Grill that one of our… Read more »

  • Mailbag: Beer Pong Table Missing Decal

    It’s been a year now since the NFL started selling officially licensed beer pong tables. Oh sure, they call them “Tailgating Tables” but we all are smart enough to see through that load of crap. If you are new here and want to be brought up to speed on this ongoing controversy and hypocrisy, you… Read more »