• Tailgate 500

    Most tailgating games these days are not terribly kid friendly. Tailgating games normally fall into two categories: Drinking games and tossing game. A lot of the times, kids can play neither. Tailgating drinking games like beer pong are not for kids for obvious reason. As for the tossing games, kids can play them but normally… Read more »

  • Travel Channel Show Seeking NASCAR Tailgaters

    We got this from the folks at the Travel Channel and thought we would pass it along. Are you a die-hard fan of NASCAR and attending the Daytona 500? Travel Channel will be filming at this year’s Daytona 500 and is seeking NASCAR superfans for a new series. We are looking for: A NASCAR-obsessed family… Read more »

  • Customized Grills Available From

    Apparently the video I put together on how to customize your Margaritaville Tailgating Grill has been gaining some positive feedback. The response has been so positive that even though the video lays out step-by-step instructions on how you can do it yourself, I did such a bang up job that people have asked me to… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #54: Spring Forward Edition

    Is it me or did the time change come a tad bit early this year? I’m not sure but changing the clocks ahead an hour before St. Patrick’s Day seems odd. Maybe it is me. No matter how you feel about the time change and “losing” an hour of sleep, I will have to agree… Read more »