Nascar tailgating

  • Video: NASCAR Michigan June 2013

    With most of the country digging out of snow and wintery weather, I thought this would be a good video to share. The shortest day of the year has already passed and the days are only getting longer from here on out. So why not share a video from the summer that features NASCAR tailgaters… Read more »

  • Video: Michelle McCunn Goes NASCAR Tailgating

    I know the NFL season is officially underway. I know college football is just starting out too. But tailgating at NASCAR races has not slowed down one iota during the summer. Here Michelle McCunn gives a nice look into what it is like tailgating in the infield at a NASCAR race.

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #105: Lord Stanley Edition

    Although arena sports, basketball and hockey, do not seem to generate the massive tailgating appeal as outdoor sports, football and baseball, there still are those hardcore tailgaters who will tailgate just about anything. (You can include me in on that list. I’ll tailgate an insurance seminar.) But just because those sports do not have the… Read more »