Miller Park

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #136: Miller Park Grill Edition

    Normally whenever we do one of these link round ups, aggregating all the news stories about tailgating, the tailgate party lifestyle and basically those things we think tailgaters would find interesting, we normally include a photo or a video of a cheerleader or the hot wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete. Today is different…. Read more »

  • Video: Boob Beer Bong At Brewers Tailgate

    When it comes to tailgating, I take a pretty loose laissez-faire attitude. Even when it comes to beer bonging in the parking lot I believe as long as you have a sober driver and don’t turn into an alcohol soaked, obnoxious jackass, have at it. But then I see this video and on the eve… Read more »

  • Mailbag: Miller Park Movies

    I got this email today from a reader, Anthony. Looks like a pretty cool concept to combine the old-school drive-in movie theater with sports venue tailgating. Take a read: I saw your article about Tailgating at Drive-In movies. How about when a Major League ballpark (Miller Park of course) actually encourages tailgating while they show… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #66: Stealth Drinking Edition

    If you are a follower of Tailgating Ideas on Twitter you probably already knew I did a little tailgating on Friday before the NCAA regional baseball games. The campus I chose to go see the game is a “state school” and has a policy handed down by the State Chancellor’s office that no alcohol is… Read more »