Michigan State tailgating

  • Video: Tubby Male Tailgater Cheerleader

    I’m one for having a good time while tailgating but this guy in the video was just too good not to post. Just a word of advice to all of you other fluffy, jersey tucked in with suspenders over it, male-pattern baldness tailgaters out there…. mocking the cheerleaders’ dance at the pre-game tailgate is not… Read more »

  • Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #21: xXElectraXx Edition


    There are two things going on here. 1) Meet xXElectraXx. Yes, her model page at Model Mayhem lists that is her name. Who are we to argue or question it? 2) We chose this photo because not only is this girl xXextremely hot but because she is wearing a South Carolina jersey and is not… Read more »