• LSU kids playing beer pong

    We know that in the SEC, or all over the college football landscape, indoctrinating the next generation into the traditions and the culture of your favorite college football team is the main reason for having kids. So why would it be any surprise that this group of young tailgaters appear to be playing a game… Read more »

  • Ranking The SEC Tailgates

    Sundresses, tailgate tents, and fried food have an all too common theme at tailgate parties down South. This conference is very top heavy and there are a lot of similarities between each school (which made it tougher to sort schools that were close).  Hopefully one can get a taste of every school from this article…. Read more »

  • Bye Week Tailgate Crashing

    Just like any football season, every good tailgate needs a bye week.  Not only to help you recharge your batteries, but also to get a sampling of what goes on at the tailgates around your stadium. When do you schedule a tailgating bye week?  Sometimes the schedule makes it all too obvious. Three back-to-back-back’s is… Read more »