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LSU kids playing beer pong

Posted by Dave On October - 21 - 2014

LSU kids playing a game of "beer pong" while tailgating

Little LSU fans playing what appears to be a game of beer pong while tailgating in Baton Rouge. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Crisp Twitter @elizabethcrisp

We know that in the SEC, or all over the college football landscape, indoctrinating the next generation into the traditions and the culture of your favorite college football team is the main reason for having kids. So why would it be any surprise that this group of young tailgaters appear to be playing a game of beer pong at an LSU tailgate? Maybe because the oldest one in the photo looks to be about 11 years old.

After a closer look, it appears that the two bottles of water and the Sprite are the ones being used for the refills. But at first glance, it looks to be a bit jarring. But that’s how they do it down in Baton Rouge.

We get it. Last time we did the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper we featured Abigail Ratchford. Based upon the emails we got praising us for finding her photos and sharing them, we thought why not try and catch lightning in a bottle again? But this time we are trying to hone the power of the internet to encourage the Miami Heat to put up a better showing than they did in Game 3 vs San Antonio. We do not have a particular dog in the fight but who doesn’t love a seven game series going all the way to game seven? Links following the eye candy.

Abigail Ratchford Miami Heat jersey

Abigail Ratchford

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Burger Pocket Press

Righteous Rig: Krewe of Monroeaux Tailgating Trailer

Posted by Dave On April - 24 - 2012

From time to time, we like to feature truly exceptional tailgating rigs that embody the passion and enthusiasm tailgaters bring to the table when it comes to living the tailgate party lifestyle. We call them Righteous Rigs. Previous tailgating rigs we have featured include the West Virginia Shaggin Wagon, The Toledo Jambulance and The Dawg.

Time to add another Righteous Rig to the list: The Krewe of Monroeaux Tailgating Trailer

Krewe of Monroeaux Tailgating Trailer

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Video: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Beer Box Boxing

Posted by Dave On October - 19 - 2011

When tailgating in Baton Rouge, what do you do with your empty beer boxes? Recycle them? Throw them away? Nah, you let the kids wear them as helmets and gloves and have them play Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, of course.

Video: Florida vs LSU Fan Pole Dance Off

Posted by Dave On October - 14 - 2011

Normally when you read that kind of a headline you would hope that it would be two hot college co-eds trying to outdo the other one. Unfortunately, today is not that day. But if have an extra 68 seconds in your day, you should watch this.

Good thing these two guys chose to pole dance on a street sign post. I was going over the specs on the Tow Hitch Stripper Pole and it says it is max rated to hold up to 200 pounds. I am thinking one of these guys was over the limit much less two of them combined.





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