Louisville Chugger

  • Dizzy Bat Review

    Call it what you will. Dizzy Bat or the Lousiville Chugger, the act of chugging a beer out of a wiffle ball bat, spinning in cricles and then attempting to hit a crushed can thrown at you while out tailgating is gaining in popularity. We first discovered this game back in 2007 shortly after starting… Read more »

  • Video: Lousiville Chugger FAIL

    Someone once said, “No man is completely useless; he can always be used as a bad example.” This guy embodies that quote. Watch the video and although this guy’s technique is horrible from not finishing his beer, his inept spinning routine and failing to get a swing on the can, he does get bonus points… Read more »

  • Video: Louisville Chugger Gone Wrong

    Some call it “dizzy bat” however we still prefer the term “Louisville Chugger“. It just sounds more like tailgating and less like a nine year old’s birthday party game. Anyway, this has got to be the greatest example of a Tailgating Fail we have seen in a while. But to every ying there is a… Read more »