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Weekend Wrap-Up #135: Lauren Ufer Tannehill Edition

Posted by Dave On April - 30 - 2012

Did you watch the first round of NFL Draft this past Thursday night? Amongst the prospects finding out where they will start their NFL careers and the Roger Goodell Hugs, there were shots of those college players in the backstage green room getting ready to hear their name called. The players tables backstage were circled with their friends and family members but one particular guest in the greenroom nearly caused the blogosphere to lose its collective mind.

It was when Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill was selected by the Miami Dolphins with the eighth overall pick, the cameras cut to his greenroom table and caught a stunning blonde woman applauding and sitting next to the recently drafted QB. Forget the fact that the Miami Dolphins may have just drafted the next Dan Marino. Who was this bombshell?

A little digging and it turns out this woman is in fact Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren Ufer. And before you go asking, yes, she is a model. You may remember a year ago we did a Weekend Wrap-up where we featured Kacie McDonnell, the girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings QB, Christian Ponder. Another beautiful woman associated with another quarterback. Armed with this knowledge, it appears I will be teaching my son to throw a football while rolling to his right. He just turned four years old in March but knowing what potentially is waiting for him down the road, I am sure he will thank me later. Links follow the photo and if you stick with it to the end, we included one of Lauren Ufer’s bikini modeling photos.

Lauren Ufer Tannehill
Credit: Steve Mitchell – US PRESSWIRE

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