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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #78: Anna Burns Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 14 - 2010

So you’re probably asking yourself, “who is Anna Burns?”. Well, for those astute and attentive watchers of NFL playoff football, you may have noticed a certain lovely lady sitting next to Wes Welker in the owner’s luxury box this weekend. Yes, that same Wes Welker that has been Tom Brady’s security blanket the past few years that tore up his knee in the final game of the regular season. Anna Burns is not only Wes Welker’s girlfriend but her credentials include being Miss Hooters International 2005. So Tom Brady is a three time Super Bowl winner and is able to lock down Giselle Bündchen, a Victoria’s Secret model. Welker not as accomplished on the field as Brady but still able to lock down Anna Burns. So needless to say, it is good to be an NFL player when it comes to expanding your dating pool. Links to follow the eye-candy.


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Off Topic: Layla Kiffin Looks Like Casey Parker

Posted by Dave On December - 10 - 2008

Here at TailgatingIdeas.com we sometimes deviate off topic and discuss stuff that is non-tailgating related. This is one of those times so please feel free to get over it.

Jimmy Traina over at Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks recently did a segment on athletes and their celebrity look-a-likes. Last week the sports blogoshpere lost their minds was all a buzz over the hiring of Lane Kiffin as the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. The sports bloggers hadn’t worked themselves into a lather over Kiffin’s replacing Phil Fullmer but rather over his smokin’ hot wife, Layla Kiffin, for being, well, scorchingly hot. Unbelievably hot even at eight months pregnant.

After seeing the photos from the press conference, I thought Layla Kiffin had an uncanny resemblance to someone else I had seen before. Then it dawned on me. She looks exactly like Casey Parker. (Google that name at your own risk) Yes, the same Casey Parker that is the contract star for Shane’s World that puts out those College Invasion adult films.

Layla Kiffin looks like Casey Parker

Judge for yourself and tell me these two were not separated at birth.

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #27: Ashlynn Brooke Edition

Posted by Dave On December - 3 - 2008

In honor of the Oklahoma Sooners getting invited to play in the Big XII championship this weekend (sorry Texas and Texas Tech) I thought it would be appropriate to include a photo of an OU fan. Thankfully you won’t be seeing Toby Keith here under that criteria. It was a toss up between Jesse Jane and Ashlynn Brooke. Both ladies are from Oklahoma and currently call the Sooner State their home. Both ladies are incredibly hot. If you Google both ladies, expect quite a few NSFW images and links to come back as well. By virtue that we already brought you a gallery of Jesse Jane back in July, it would be only fair to share with you the lovely and talented Ashlynn Brooke. You’re welcome and on with this week’s links.

Ashlynn Brooke

Last week at this time I was writing about Matt Millen getting the axe from his GM post with the Detroit Lions. Well, two more heads rolled in the NFL within the past week, both Scott Linehan and Lane Kiffin got the boot. I really do believe the NFL stands for Not For Long especially in today’s “win now” mentality. Good thing we have these two young UNLV cuties to make you long for days of beer pong, keg stands and college football tailgating. Wait, what am I talking about? We can do that now! Who’s with me? While I plan to rekindle my inner college student, here are some links regarding tailgating and stuff that I found that is cool this week.

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