ladder golf

  • GoPong Ladder Toss

    The most popular games out in the parking lots are typically the “tossing games”. Games like cornhole, beer pong and washers can be seen sprinkled all across parking lots everywhere. One of the more popular and fun tailgating game is Ladder Toss. You may call it something different like Ladder Ball, Ladder Golf, Blongo Ball,… Read more »

  • Video: Portuguese Horseshoes

    Anyone ever played Portuguese Horseshoes while tailgating? I’ve heard of Polish Horseshoes and even Ladder Golf being called “Redneck Horseshoes” but I’ve never heard of Portuguese Horseshoes. This video is from 2008 but this is the first I have seen it. From the looks of the video it appears to be a single hole washer… Read more »

  • Quick & Fun Tailgating Games

    There are certain times during a tailgate that require a change of pace from eating and drinking. Sometimes you need to start a game to bring about the competitive spirit out in people and pass the time as well. I’ve highlighted four games that are simple to play, organize and construct. Cornhole You can easily… Read more »